Really? Who is taking this seriously?

28th of Mesa, Year 2 of the Rebirth.


I call you Lifemate, because you are, reguardsless of how the civilizeds see us, KNOW…that this will never change…only my unlikley true death would have a chance of ending this bond we have.

The fist part of this communiqué is for you, As I told you I have many bookish that need to be deliveries.


  1. The Lost Tribe” by the Chronicler & “Set and the Wolfen“, are for your Uncle, a payment of sorts, for considering a favor to me, concerning us
  2. “Misfit Menagerie- The Monsters of the Hinterlands“, this one is for our childs, as I want them to understand where they come from, knowledge of past is important to move forward.
  3. The 5 remaining bookish left with this letter are to be given to Brudder Malkin to be donated to the Lieberry of Bleederad:

a.  “The Truth of the Dread Pirate Jason”
b.  “The Complete Riches of the Mines of Belimar
c.  “Gantrell’s Familiar”
d.  “The Palladium of Destiny and the Defilers” by Rod Rambler
e.  “The Wild Lords”


May Khonsu bless our love, and may the Moon always shine over us and our childs,







To my beautiful Childs


I want to discussed the so called civilizeds.  Please don’t put your Mudders in this scatagories, reguardsless of her teachings, she is off the beast and the natural. These civilizeds are a strange bunch, they are taught from the beginning to “ACT” civils.  Yet when the “matures”, they are rarelies butts.  I can’t count…No I really can’t count, ask your Mudders…How many times I heres dem spouts about beings civils, yet they heap much brutality and destruction upon each others, with malice & prejudice.  They even have not-so-secret names for eaches udders.  For example, I am CONSTANTLY being badgered to “BECOME THE BEAR”.  I have tries to explains, I AM THE BEAR, the human forms they seas is just to protect them.  IF I were to run around in true form all the time, some would stare, some would fall out, and a very few would drop dead from just sheer fright.  THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE BEAR.

Don’t let this discourages yutes, BEES who you are, EMBRACE what you are, LIVE your life.

Last thing four now; Don’t disreguards what your Mudders teaches yutes, IN FACT I strongly encourage yutes to soak in everything she has to offer, along with mine own offers, combine it and become whose yutes supposed to bees.


Again, ensure you seek one who is of higher power than you and seek the strength from them to help you in your endeavors, you will be rewarded. Khonsu has helped me immensely.

Be well my Childs, all my love to you and May Khonsu Bless you,







Hand written letter left for Ansa, in her quarters, along with the 8 books mentioned, for safe keeping and delivery to the Children of Ansa & Ursus

Ansa picture drawn by AZ_RUNE
Bear cubs & Mother from Kids Britannica



  • Wonder how Malkin will feel about Ursus giving books that he thinks belong in Bletherad away to others.

    • Ursus is of the opinion that they are possessions that he garnered through hard work and near death experiences. If Malkin wants more books, he can risk his life for them. He also feels the two Definitely belong with the Wolfen and Malkin should be pleased that, Ursus, in his own way, is trying to encourage his childs to read and become edge-u-ma-cated…

  • If something bad ever happens to Ursus (i.e., death) these logs to his child will go straight from cute and amusing to bittersweet and sad.

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