Well a bonding at least

Written on the 9th of Thnu, Year 1 of the Rebirth. Sent on the 9th of Kompak, Year 2 of the Rebirth.

My Darling Beast,


Most humble apologies and begging of forgiveness. Since our natural bonding I have been unable to communicate with you. For me it has only been a mere few days and my heart aches like it is being ripped out. For you it has been 5 cycles of the moon, you must be absolute mad with heartache and love lost. I hope to explain my strange absence. We did enter the catacombs of Avramstown, looking for the Library of Wo-Elfenbrut. Our passage and travels initially were mild and fairly uneventful, but as we traveled deeper, we realized that with each level we were partly trapped and time went all higgledy piggledy. For every level we seemed to lose or jump ahead 1-2 months. I even missed the Great Blood Moon; I had hopes that we could perform our ritual bonding at the apex of the heavenly event. There is another Blood Moon on the 23rd of the Crow Moon, but that would make it a Murder Moon and I don’t like that Omen as a celebration of our Bonding. I would rather have our Bonding Ritual on the 16th of the Harvest Moon; that is a proper Omen for such a bonding. Of Course it all depends on your Uncle Tinor and the Mighty Khonsu. Their approval is 2nd only to our own approval of each other. I hope that the date meets your approval.



Khonsu is pleased with the bonding
Khonsu blesses this wondrous bonding
Khonsu awaits the completion of the bonding


OK, side tracked there just a bit. Man, he just comes from out of nowhere. Anyway, we made it down to the Library FINALLY. Whilst in there we did find the two tombs that we were looking for and were able to save several of the books. Yeah it’s as bad as it sounds. I am sure you have heard by now, but the Library of Wo’Elfenbrut has crumbled. I don’t know if we caused it or the Blessing. We did came upon one of them by happenstance and didn’t realize who he was at first. He was a weaselly little elf, and I didn’t trust him from the start. Others chided me for my distrust. By the time the dust settled we all realized that he was a member and should have been taken care of right away. Anyway, the loss of the Library; we were very cautious in our exploration, but mistakes can be made. The Blessing didn’t care; they grabbed what they came for and hurried out like rats on a sinking ship. We are fairly certain they obtained a Seba book, I haven’t had time to talk to you about this and I am not quite sure what we want with them either, something to do with the OLD ONES, I think. IDK. Anyway we are out and my companions are fairly certain we have transported to the middle of the Baalgor Desert. All I know is it is hot and I feel like shaving every inch of my body.


Please respond as quickly as you can, so I know you are certainly safe. I feel with all my heart that you are, but I have to be sure.


Ansa picture by Reyes
Black Roses from Gothic Fallen Angel
Khonsu symbol from StarGate Wiki
Wo’Elfenbrut picture by Mostafa Mahmoud


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