Well, he is handy for something…

28th of Mesa, Year 2 of the Rebirth.


Uncle…I mean Tinor…I mean General,

OK, apologetics for the not knowing addressing you write. My skills in righting are still…lucking? I was able to rendezvous with our precious Ansa in Y-Oda. We have reconnoitered our relations, but I am sure you don’t want to read about that part. Reguardsless, She has informed me that you are enjoined in the fights against Fancy Pants. CrIsis has also enjoined in the fights. The location of our enjoinsing I will not talks about, as you more than most know the goods about fights secrets.

So this communiqué is two fold, first we are enjoinsing to help relieve the efforts of the Wolfes and the Piggies in their combines put forths against Fancy Pants. He is a scourage on our realms and must be dealt with…with extreme predjudice. So I am letting you know that we are…or will be…teleport is confusion to me…in the heart of the fights and could use some tacticals of diversionaries to keep the scourges divided so we can accomplish what we are going to accomplish.

Seconds…I love seconds & thirds & elevensies & mid mornings &…uh…apologetics, hungry. Anyways, Seconds, Ansa, while hiding it well, is much concerns with you and wheres you bees. So I do this for hers to helps with hers feelings and moodsinesses (wow the moodsinesses) concernsing you. BUT I sensed she was also concerneds with my will-bings, also. So It is comparative that ONE of us returns to hers. While loss of either of us will bees devastation on a Bear level (you know what I am talking about), SHE must have family by her side. Yes Brudder Malkin is dere, I donut think he is not capable of handling a FULL BLOWN ANSA RAGE. Sews, one usis MUST make it back to her.

Whatsever your feelins may be towards Me & CrIsis & My involvement with dem, we must not think of that, we must think of Ansa, her feelins are of the utmost in this situation.

She loves us both & We both love her, therefour please think of her and her desires and help to heal the relations that are effected by it.

Please consider my request and May Khonsu Bless you,







Sent to General Tinor on the front lines near Glade.

Tinor picture previously referenced on this site.



  • OK, is it just me or does everyone envision Tinor doing a “face-palm” every time he gets a pigeon from Ursus?

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