Who does he think he is? Ranger Rick?

30th of Mesa, Year 2 of the Rebirth.

Dukeness, General & Chieftain of the Lost, Chieftain of the Forgotten,


Leaders, the time is soon, the circle will be complete in DAYS. Fancy Pant’s minions will come pouring out into this realm once complete. We CrIsis are at the center to attempt to prevent it. We need assistance delaying the completion of the circle. Destroy the hills, you will know when you see them.

If there are plans to siege the city, be warned. The walls are now stone and block and quite tall, taller than I could leap. The main gate is not the worse place to siege, there is another well laid trap on the North-West Quadrangle of the City. There is a entrance not seen in the South-West Quadrangle.

If you love your Brothers, If you love your Bonded Mates, If you love your Childs, By Khonsu If you love your life and wish to keep it, NOW is the time to act. This flood will not be held back, IT must be diverted.

May your God bless you and give you the Wisdom to prevail.







Magic Pigeon letter sent to all four of the above Leaders and Commanders at their respective Military Camps on the Front lines against The Undead Army.

Duke Githeon VasPasseon picture by Toni Justamante Jacobs
Tinor picture from an unknown source
Lost Tribe Leader & Weylyn picture from Open sources



  • This is Brilliant and the use of art is very helpful in conveying the sense of urgency!

    • Maybe knowing CrIsis is in the thick of it will compel them to act. Of course thinking of their own hides might help…

  • Interesting how he sends notes to rumors, legends, and former enemies.

    • Key word is Former, he doesn’t hold a grudge, unless its Lycans. As for legends & rumors, if they are real, they should know the truth and be prepared.

  • I know I’m not The most political-minded person, but did Ursus just suggest the Wolfen send armies into the Eastern territories? Since it went to the Duke too it would be real nice if this resulted in some sort of joint Eastern/Wolven military campaign against a common enemy which strengthens the war treaty. Hint, hint, Mr. G.M….

    • The threat is to all, regardless of territory. Steve doesn’t care about whose land belongs to whom. He just wants it all.

    • “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

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