This won’t take long.

8th of Uk Sak, Year 2 of the Rebirth.

My Fairest Fiend and my Cuddliest Childs,


As I have been trying to become more Wise and pass that wisdom onto my Family, I have inquired with those that are more Wise than I as to OUR nature and origamis. Recently while Knot looking for Knot The Tree and having Knot arrived, WE met some that could be considered most Wise. The Aviator, Y-Fallen & Hammertoes. We were most welcome amongst them and had perchance a moment to trade wisdoms.



After receiving some Wisdom and sightins from The Aviator, He (well I guess, cause he was or is or represents or something…The Knot Tree) was able to ease my mind-wanders about you’s (that’s all of you’s, Mother & Childs) and your lifes. I seemed to gain a kindof sense of my own Premonition, that is when engaging in dangerous acts I kindof know the outcome, well at least my ability to survive the acts. It was also shared that the Childs shall be true beings of Good for all of Palladium. I can only Hope this for all my Childs and kin.


Later while resting for the night, we had occasion to trades wisdoms With Y-fallen & Hammertoes. As they were quited age-id and wise-id I encountered from them the origins of our kin. While Y-fallen & The Aviator were silent on the matter, Hammertoes had a expression of…well the only way to describe it is some kind of shocked terror…shock that I asked such a pro-fund question…terror that was deep and long held…He only said this: “The Creatures of the Moon were an experiment WE regret. We created them as an instrument of war, using magics from the ages of the Old Ones.” He visibly shivers…and has that same ghastly look of shocked terror. “I am glad to see that the WereBears, at the very least, evolved positively.” With that said he seem to have a slight look of relief…very slight. I tried to explain that there were only You & The Childs & I that I knew of being evolved, but he went distant in his look & I knew I could not reach him after that.


The next mourn, we prepared to set off. All those Knot of The Tree, came to send us on. As we were about to leaf, I ran up and gave Knot The Tree one last Giant Bear Hug…oh yeah, giving Knot The Tree & The Aviator a Giant Bear Hug was the best way I could thunk of to thank Them…Him…It? for my gifts…At the momentous I was about to release my Hug Me & CrIsis suddenly appeared deep in the Hinterlands. We were just outside of Kanáta’, the Eoten village of the Most Wise Chieftain Wayra. For once we were somewhere where I was the smartest about where we were…I think?…So we entered and showed off my Friends to my Friends and verse-vica. CrIsis was amused and perplexed by the names that Wayra spoke to them with. Godly then understood that these were traditional tribal names that were given to them, by me, as a sign of respect. The Kanáta’ gave us a huge traditional feast of Kalruck they even had some roots and gourds for Godly to munch on. Chieftain introduced us to the Scout that would that would guide us on teh legs of our next destination. Half of CrIsis began to weave there complicated love and emotions with her, the other half were pleasant and moved on to the Festivus of my return.


OK, here is where I beg you My most Precious Partner and Mother of My Childs, to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t extrude my words wrongly, As I have said before and will say again, I always am and will be completely OPEN AND HONEST with you my ONE-AND-ONLY. A few of the Tribeswomen (please don’t come and hunt them down, please?) attempted to offer themselves up to me…ahem…sexually…Are you still OK? ANYWAYS, I FLAT OUT REFUSED, AS I ONLY HAVE ONE AND IT IS YOU. I explained all this loudly (some had to cover there ears) so all could hear that I would not be intercoursing with any one but you, MY GLORIOUS GIFTED GIVER OF CHILDS EVER. Besides, IF they survived intercoursing with a Werebeast, they would not survive your…how shall I put this…Justifiable Destruction for coercing of you’RE ONE AND ONLY. So I showed not one Iaccoca of interest in intercoursing with anyone.


Well if your still reading There is more. OH quick aside-note. We (I) ‘convinced’ Godly to partake in a Snipe Hunt, after We partook of some Herb grown from under Knot The Tree. Now that was some GOOD HERB. So the entire time we were journeying to our destination, Godly was asking TONS AND TONS (tehe) of SNIPE questions. We (tehe) readily answered ALL his questions (tehe).


We met up with LagerStone and exchanged Wisdom’s that were promised by some members of CrIsis that are no longer. As current Members of CrIsis we are bound by many of the promises of CrIsis, weather we spoke them or not. After many exchanges of wisdom by the others I tried to exchange more wisdom into our Kin. LagerStone was unable to shed anymore light into our Kin, but he was able to share MUCH about the Walking Kalrucks of the Great Shelf. I fear that there is no equal in combat against the Walking Kalrucks, besides others of there kind and MAYBE those of the moon.


Their is one thought of mine that I wish to poise to you, Have you expected Khonsu into your life and Heart? Have you expected any of the Light into your life and Heart? This is and will be very important to me and those that I serve. I have been starting to sea the Wisdom in Godlys words of Free Will when it comes to worship and such, I am not trying to enforce undo pressure upon you. I just wish to known moors about that which is THE ONE AND ONLY.


One last thing, if you haven’t been already (sometimes I miss these things) and if Brudder Malkin hasn’t told you already, please start sending all coordinates through His Holiness, as we have been inexperiencing Wobbley-Wibbly-Wimey-Timey and He and his will nose where we will be, or is it was?…


Be well my Family, all my love to you and May Khonsu Bless you,







Magic Pigeon letter sent to Ansa, at the Library of Bletherad.

Ansa picture drawn by AZ_RUNE



  • Great badge, interesting to see how much he has grown.

  • Aside from grammar this is not the bear we once knew. Fantastic log!

  • How many werebears does it take to raze a village? Just one, if she thinks the women there are trying to steal her man!

  • ….and doing such a great job in the face of such seduction too! I’m sure it’s EXACTLY what the wife wants to hear……NOT!

  • @Toko & Twiggy, Ursus, from the onset, has been VERY OPEN AND HONEST with Ansa, regardless of the consequences, as he has well learned…or maybe he didn’t learn…either way he will ALWAYS tell here the truth.

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