Why do I even bother…

9th of Mesa, Year Two of the rebirth, Just off the Coast of New Crests.


To the Desire of my Heart, whose Beauty cannot be bested by any other,





We encountered some vicious sea creatures in our travels and the potential result made me think that any one day in this realm could be my last. With that thought I felt sorrow in knowing that you are angry with me and I could not permit us to be taken from one another without at least trying to reconcile for causing you pain.


Since you are travelling with the esteemed Brudder Malkin, as his protector, it was my hope that we could have meet snout to snout, if you would allow me to see you again that is. But the events have made me long for you and I needed to put forth my best effort in opening a dialogue with you again.


If you get this soon, We will be headed to Haven next and from Brudder Malkin’s latest, The flotilla will be in WhyOda. They are not far from each other, if the Flotilla has business in Haven it would be a gift from Khonsu if you were in Haven when we arrive.


The reason I told you of the “other” was to be as open and honest with you about my life. Anything else would be an affront to you as my bonded. I would be remiss if I did anything less than tell you all that I am and what I have done. In fact I recently let my more base nature take over me and performed despicable acts. I felt that the Teroshians of Timiro were a threat to the path of Light and I acted upon that feeling, without malice. I even killed one of the men I recruited to aide me in my twisted quest. I have faced judgement, been found guilty and am paying res-tit-two-shun to all that I harmed. Of course many are now permanently scarred, physically and mentally, and may never fully heal. I tell this to show that I will never keep anything from you…EVER.


As for the battle, it turned in our favor quickly, although not without taken significant damage and almost loosing one of our senior sailors. He seemed to be having a VERY UNLUCKY day. Maybe he should pray to Arren Geesus more often. Anyway, Another Experienced Sailor was able to save him literally from the jaws of the sea beasts. I was able to deal some damage to a few of them with my mighty Bow.


You Idiotic Fool, THOSE were Despicable Scaly Cousins!


Mister Tooth, if you has said something then I would halfs dones something, But I am not familiar with SEA scalies. I DO know land Scalies good. You will have to teach me more if you expect me to whip my shape up. It’s not like I can read your mind? Sorry, my Darling that wasn’t me, That was Mister Tooth. He is something else I want to explain to you when we meet again my Precious.


Listen Up Ursus Arctos, Your Fight with Despicable Scaly Things and evil, does not allow time for juvenile lovey-dovey crap.


Well it seems like Mister Tooth has also chosen to speak through me and I apologize for his comments toward are great and unbreechable love.


KHONSU says there is room for this Love and for this Fight. They will make each other stronger.


Great, He has decided to speak again. I wonder if there is anyone else in here.


Ursus & Ansa sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!


Alright Folwin, I really don’t need your too sense right now. Darling I am sorry; I have to end this letter before it de-revolves into panda-monie.



May Our love last forever and May KHONSU Bless you on your Travels,



Ansa, Malkin & Mister Tooth drawn by AZ_RUNE
Folwin Skull from Wikimedia Commons
Khonsu symbol from StarGate Wiki
Bear Print from open sources

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