Value Enhanced

You Have Grown Tremendously


I must respond to your Recent Statement with Pride and Joy! To think that just a year ago I was very Concerned about your Ability to carry through this mission.

You have truly grasped the whole quandary, and beauty, and dichotomy, and effectiveness, and love, and healing, and I could go on- you now truly know the full Church of Light and Dark! Both the Pantheons, Light and Dark, each have lightness and darkness within them! I am so proud that you grasp this now!

I will not be able to reach you within Hades, and you should know that the Gods themselves will have little reach into a foreign deific realm. Your holy weapons and items should work, but your prayers may not be as effective. I cannot find how ineffective they will be- writings speak of a variation between 50-75% less effective, but nothing firm. Know that your strength is who you are, not who you worship!

I hope that you all do not mind, but I sent your friend, fellow Demigod Jidian Kulder, to Mishala, as he wished to see you off. He carries with him a Map of Hades.

Remember also, when things are darkest, the originator of CrIsis and this quest, the Wanderer, the one known as Elanu. Perhaps one or more of you know how he may be called to help you!

Today we are one, because of you and the other members of CrIsis!

Sent by his holiness U’Selekma, Pontiff of the Church of Light and Dark, Holder of the Sacred Ankh, possessor of the Greyhound Head Staff of Ra, and wielder of the Sun Disk, on the 21st of Selestra to Grignak, Priest of Bast.


U’Selekma picture from our own AZ Rune.








8 Responses to “Value Enhanced

  • Thus begins the final chapter of our tale.

  • Wait, no letters for us in Hades? What will future logs even be then?

  • Also, it’s great that we’re going to be seen off by Jidian!

  • Maybe we will be getting letters from the locals displaying their displeasure when we are there.
    Maybe someone needs the Magic Dragon spell, its like magic pigeon but can jump dimensions 😉

  • Last wise words for this sorry lot we call CrIsis.

    • Pretty sure they are not the last wise words- you are seeing Sulyott….

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