Wait…an armored Fairy?

We Are Saved!


I know I left quickly, abruptly, or in other words I was a bit flighty in my flight. I’m in training. I’ve mastered being a Ranger, or I should say that I have accomplished everything I needed to as a Ranger. To further our goals as a team, I shall be needing to fill another role.

Let me be a little more clear. I’m hanging out here in Credia, and if you can stop by here while I’m training, it would be great.

So, I presented myself to Ondemeira when I arrived, fearing that the King wouldn’t really want to see me after the fool I made of everyone the last time we were here. Well, I shouldn’t have feared, since the King had me in audience shortly after I met with Ondemeira. Apparently having a current member of CrIsis training to become a Palladin in your kingdom is a big deal.

So, yeah, I’m becoming a Palladin. The King is making me a suit of armor. He said something about painting it with the symbol from the Flag, but I’m not so sure about that. I mean, who wants to wear a flag. Still, he is paying for most of it, so I’ll let him have his little win. Maybe I’ll have it Cleansed later to present a gleaming breastplate to the world…and then again that would be an insult to the only ally we seem to have.

So, I know this is short, and not enough to truly let you know what is happening, but I have no real time to spare. They have me in training from before the sun rises until after the sun sets. Tiring, sure, but as this is for the glory of Bennu. I will push through the pain to the rewards to come.

Written by the inestimable Hannah to her friends in CrIsis while stuck in Credia.

Art by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at artist@agodrebuilt.org


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