Overkill and CrIsis

Know that the Isis’ light shines upon you always! Your letters, journals, requests, and pleas are always heard! I have received the next books from the Gods of Light themselves!

In case Mr. Rambler never explained, let me tell you how this works. The Gods feel that you are all inspirations to good people, like the Defilers’ before you. The Gods collect all your letters, prose, and documents, and send them to the scribe as a book. That scribe, now me, adds some colorful prose when needed- many of you do not need it, for you seem to all be talented writers in your own right. Mostly it is just simple editing work. The Gods have changed names, places, and more to both protect the innocent and to keep you safe. So, Overkill, when you ask if anyone wanted the letter- yes!! I wish to know how you are, and anticipate how I can help. Otherwise I will see a completely changed document later (saying you are in Timiro, for example, instead of the Yin Sloth Jungles). I may not answer regularly, for I have my own duties, serving King Guy as an adviser, but I do look forward to the missives!

So please, keep them coming. I am sorry that my response was late. I was attending to a small disturbance elsewhere in the kingdom….

Ondemeira the White, upon the 12th of Grekar in the 2nd year of King Guy.

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