Western Arrival

Ready to Serve

Dear CrIsis

I know not which member of CrIsis I am supposed to send this to, so I am asking his Holiness to forward this to the most senior member, which I hope is still Khonsu’s Reaper. The news of The God of Oaths triumphant rising helped all of deal with the abandonment of the Seeker, and we are here in the West.

There have been many adventures, too many to count, as we have made our way, blessed by great winds, thank the Gods! The one that is most important to you all were our encounters in Terrellia. Sir Derrick has passed on a gift for you.

Specifically we have docked at Iyancine in the province of Lower Barraduk. Do you wish us to make the needed repairs on the Shield of Light here? We have prevailed in all of our encounters, but the trip was perilous! Give praise to the Gods, we lost only 2 sailors! However our poor ship is down to its last quarter of its life without repairs. The good news is that with your prolific writing we should be able to afford the repairs here, where there are many shipyards!

I dare not say much more, for fear of the spies of the Dark intercepting this missive. Please let us know- all of the core crew will stay here on the ship until further instructed!

Your Dutiful Servant and Captain-

Sent on the 7th of Thoth.

Picture from our own AZ Rune.


8 Responses to “Western Arrival

  • In death, a member of The Shield of Light has a name. His name is Robert Paulson.

  • It’s good to hear from the Sailors, and I am personally very happy that they are all still alive, or at least he named ones are 🙂

    Poor Red Shirts

    • Without Red Shirts, CrIsis would have to do so much more…

      • What would most Heroes do without “Red Shirts”. Probably not much of consequence.

  • Robert Paulson will be remembered. Let it be decreed that a small wooden sculpture shall be made of 8 inches height and placed on the bow of the ship!

  • So now that Xerx’ses has passed… who’s writing to the Captain of the Shield of Light and giving him orders?

    • The letter was sent to the Man With No Name, but any of you can step up and take responsibility!

    • Well Ursus could take over, but the messages may not come across as they should.

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