Western Empire Update

The So Called Scoop

Most Honored Fellow Priest

Note: Sent through Bishop Tutu and then His Holiness.

Well met Sir! It has been a long time since I have been honored to hear from a member of the Holy Group of CrIsis!

To answer your question best I can, I have met with the Emperor, bringing your letter with me. He said that he will gladly accept your pledge in person with great fanfare! I personally ensured that I would write you and give him your response. On a completely personal note, asking that this not appear in a Book, that he is correct. A personal appearance here would greatly benefit the Empire, give hope to the citizens of Caer Itom and all the rest of the Empire. My feeling is that you could negotiate with the Emperor and get him to firmly endorse the Light! This would be a blow to the Dark and to the Middle Kingdoms!

Come soon, and bring all of us Hope!

Your fellow Priest- May the Goodness of Apis remind you that there are innocents everywhere, even in the darkest corners!

Father Donal


Sent on the 5th of Corg in the 25th Year of Emperor Itomas of the Great Western Empire.


Picture by our own AZ Rune.


6 Responses to “Western Empire Update

  • A respectable and reasonable letter from someone about CrIsis coming to help. Not a desperate plea for their salvation and not a threat to force our appearance. What a nice change of pace!

    • The question is who will write the response, and what will it be? Will CrIsis help the Western Empire?

    • Did someone write a response? I forget.

  • Hey I have an idea, let URSUS negotiate with The Emperor. After an hour with his inanity he will give into to anything, or go crazy.

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