What’s In A Name

The Man with No Name stands over the body. His teammates are furious, but he doesn’t care. He thought they had enough faith in him. Guess not. Within moments Nulendar arrived. The Man did not know who he was till he announced himself. He spoke and announced that he was the voice of Osiris, but Ursus refused to let him speak. The bearman continued to run his mouth until Bennu appeared and rebuked all who continued speaking. This shut everyone up. The Man stood there still just watching. He was getting ready for another beating or his next death. Yet it did not come. Instead only the probing of the mind by Nulendar at his own risk. Nulendar confirmed that the visions were true and that The Man was in the right. His comrades acted like it was no big deal and tried to hug and shake him. They did not notice his limp body hurt by the lack of trust. To them he was a dog to keep until they felt he disobeyed. His eyes glazed over as Nulendar continued talking. He thought about his family and his farm the feel of the wheat in his hands. ”You shall be known as Khonsu’s Reaper!” Nulendar said of The Man. He grasped his scythe thinking of the reaping of wheat. Was this his calling? To harvest those ready for Khonsu’s bidding? He continued, “His judgement in single death should not be questioned!” The Man grasped his scythe even tighter. Nulendar doled out other names, Osiris’ Unyielding Strength to Xer’xes, Isis’ Seeker to Indaris, and Revenant of Khonsu to Ursus. The others gawked and smiled at their new titles. No Name pondered what burden just got added to him. Is his justice finally being realized, or has he gained more strings as a puppet of a god? Will there be one more ward to go off if he slips up now? He didn’t want this burden, he just wanted to feel dirt run through his fingers once more, when he isn’t burying someone.

He wakes from his thoughts to the members talking with Rooster and Grignak. The bard looked older than him. It would be nice to have someone of similar age even if he wasn’t from the same country. The group asked questions as the body was looted and parts were severed for proof.

Ursus wished to go to the temple. The Man joined him. He followed still thinking of today’s actions as he watched the werebearman dragging a bull fighting for its life. He couldn’t help but feel for it. Had it not been for the divine intervention his ‘friends’ would have drug him to the slaughter just like this bull. He watched the display unfold. He saw the horror in the eyes of the people watching the gore unfold in the middle of the sanctuary. “Is this what Khonsu requires?”, asked a priest. “No, but it is still a gift and is appreciated. It should be done more discreetly though. Khonsu wishes to find safe harbor for those that the humans call monsters, and he proves their fears by acting out so bestial for the public to witness. Create a sacrificial area where it is more private. This will kill that stigma.” No Name steps back a bit as the blood flows down the aisle and almost reaches his boot. He lets Ursus finish and makes sure he gets home safely. Some are enamored by his display, others shudder in fear. Sleep comes for most, yet The Man cannot find it but for a brief moment.

He finds himself standing in the field in front of the pedestal, the book in front of him. The figure is there silent and watching. He is drawn to it this time. He touches the cover with his finger. His flesh begins to melt away and his hand is only bone now. He wakes up. “Seek the book!”, rings in his head. He hurries to get the body parts preserved. He then heads to find a library. The others have a meeting, but it is important that he finds out the books information.

He makes his way to the Church of Khonsu. The priest from before meets him, “Good morning Khonsu’s Reaper.” With stern eyes he replies, ”I must find all books on Wo-Elfenbrut!” The priest reads the sadness and determination in his eyes, “Awfully grim, Reaper. Very well though I will help you find them.” Together the duo uncover all that they can. Each book a crumb in the trail. Things began piecing together after a weeks time. Wolfenbrut was located where Avramstown now is. It must be built on top. They continued searching till the young priest read some passages in a hushed tone. ”The Wolfen were created by Elves and humans just after the Chaos Wars.” He stood there visibly stunned. It would appear that the proof was in Wo-Elfenbrut, but this could change the world. He had the priest send word to Xerx’ses as he took the proof and prepared. He was going to be prepared for Steve this time. He bought a new shirt and painted a white skull on it. Steve you will be reaped!

He sat while the group saw an got money from the boat and saw an alchemist friend. He focused his mind.

The group stood ready. Xer’xes prepared his spell. FLASH! They appeared in an empty room. Welcome to Avramstown.

Written by No Name on the 7th of Kym-nark-mar in the 24th year of Emperor Itomas.

Picture by Nightmare Factory.

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