When Ego Becomes Justice

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Ondemeira the White.
| At the castle of King Guy the First
| in the city of Credia. This has also been
| sent to Zeelik Stonemace.
| At the caverns of the Serinan Tribe
| in the Baalgor Rocky Desert.

Good Scribe of Light
To my noble Brother,

I should learn to not make idle statements about the forces of Hades showing up on an evening. Because with our luck I did predict (bad luck really) our future. Just after my last ‘missive’ to you both I sent a magic pigeon to Sir Quixis Ote whom I miss nearly as much as the ‘Bard’ and his songs. I made a jape about likely getting attacked by demons before the night was over and that is when the concepts of ‘funny’ and ‘not so funny’ have a bar fight, the victor of which has yet to be determined.

Everything is being overseen by the Lopanic Games Committee or L.G.C. for shorthand writing. There are statues to Rurga Truthsayer more predominantly displayed here so one would assume that the Pantheon of Rurga is worshiped here in Lopania despite having Sekti-Abtu on the same island! We were soon visited by a plump coin counter of the L.G.C. in charge of registering merchants, I believe his name was Master Hanlel, Handel, something of the sort. He was abrupt but courteous and understood we were new and helped us come up with the name for our Merchant Enterprise – “Turnip & Time” – to which I liked but others in the group found the taste to different levels of their liking. In our dirt plot was – according to ancient Dwarven measurements still used today – 20 feet wide by 20 feet long.

It was decided that Brother Indaris, Sister Caminata, and myself would venture forth to the Tower of Angels to drop THE ‘Torch of Isis’ off. While we were away doing that Masters Azariel, Overkill, and Asher would acquire food for us as we had run out of anything but our stock to sell. There may be a shortage of carrots soon, good grief these are tasty items! Well, we began to venture forth through the sea of tents, shacks, semi-permanent structures and eventually grand stadiums. Turns out Hippodrone is the name of one of the Stadiums, oh go through the books and have the tribe learns the Elven Tongue. It would appear that if you can’t speak a regional language many other folk speak that language and converse in it the way Giantese is spoken in the Wastelands. Food for thought if nothing else. As we wandered I saw a theme of red to dark red outfits for those working as part of the staff of the games. As we got closer to the Tower of Angels the guards all had this shield with three rings of bronze, silver, and gold embroidered over the letters LGC on their garments or painted upon their shields. We tried to request and audience and were denied, Sister Caminata informed the guard we were CrIsis, and I handed over my copy of the 7th Book of CrIsis to help vouch for her. Eventually we were told that Empress Jesslyn would not arrive until the day before the games. We were stunned but did not blame the guard for twas not his fault we had been misinformed as to when she would arrive. In my head their word some less than polite words forming to deliver to the Acamarch, Forenque Dngg. As we made ready to return one of the guards told Brother Indaris in a semi-private meeting to the side of the plaza he had been approached by the Agent of the Dark to allow access to the tower.
However, we did discern later that this was not Zizean the Jinn, but the Elf witch that had cursed Brother Indaris earlier. More on that later.
When Brother Indaris gifted the man two Old Kingdom Dragon Coins which is roughly 10,000 Eastern Crowns to say ‘thank you’ for being honest, the petty little Hooman tried to shake him down for more!!!

We returned to camp to find everyone enjoying their portions and ours were waiting and still warm! No sooner than we had finished dinner than we were visited by a scholar named Ms Hopner whom gathers news and tales of travelers using a special Crystal Orb. Later this same day we would be bequeathed our own for other reasons I shall explain below and go to the title of this missive. Apparently news of us being here is not quite the secret we would like it to be. Now Miss Hopner was insistent on getting us to talk into her Crystal Orb. Master Azariel was skilled in dealing with ‘sensationalist’ scholars/bardic types from his homeland. He made it clear we would have a written statement for her in the morning despite her polite protests and she left our plot of land – for a time.

I heard a brief tale about some exploits of the tavern the other three had gone and it we share our tales at the Tower of Angels. From there we joked and Master Azariel explained why he had chosen to do written communication. He always weighs every decision and I can say never acts rashly but clearly his worldly experience is not limited to just over a year of a whirlwind tour of Palladium outside the Wastelands. We were beginning to decide about sleep when I warned everyone my ‘Amulet’ was about to run out of time and I would revert to my natural form. It was decided I would sleep behind the wagon for eyes of those passing by. Just about this time Miss Hopner decides to make a second appearance and plea her case again talking about the comforts of her inn. We voted on staying in camp but agreeing to meet with her for dinner on the 9th of Ra (which is later tonight I guess). She has taken quite a shine to Master Azariel and I think she wants to mate with him, but I can’t see a purpose to it other than the times I have performed the act did feel pleasurable. When she kept persisting I again reminded everyone about the change and Miss Hopner steeled herself. I slipped out of my clothes let the magic fade just scant minutes early. FWOOMP! I was in my natural form once again and Miss Hopner did indeed prove to have steeled nerves. I put my ‘normal’ clothes back on and gave her one tidbit question. I explained how my birth parents had fallen in love and since they were both priests decided to worship the married couple among the heavens of Isis and Osiris. For some reason she kept saying forced, corralled, and I corrected her that their choice was free will, faith, and love; nothing more.

Master Azariel stops us both from going forward and she has a hell of a first gift interviewing a Minotaur. She leaves but not before flirting with Master Azariel again. Night watches are decided: Master Asher & I for the first watch, Master Overkill & Sister Caminata for the second watch, Brother Indaris & Master Azariel for the third. Not long into the watch Master Asher begins to ask me if I ever heard the story about how he met the Pontiff when he was but Bishop of the Eastern Territories? Excited by the tale I sit down and he begins with the tower climb disguised my spell magic. I started noticing him pointing over his shoulder at every mention of thievery he was accused of and finally asked if there were thieves across the way at the ‘Heal for a Steal’ hovel/store. I, however, did so with exuberance and woke my companions. With a ‘Globe of Daylight‘ spell from the good Sister and a Call to the guards we waited as she was able to determine there was supernatural evil appearing in the shop.

When the city guard arrives we are the ones escorted away and taken to answer for ‘insults’ under the time when Master Cava was in charge during their excursion in a city called Llorn. Our group was brought before the head of the LGC guards which are apparently taken from the Red Brigade Mercenaries of Llorn, and their captain was none other than Sir Thurgood Andress! I am going to try and speed this up a bit and I will reference Fifth Book of CrIsis compiled and edited by Rod Rambler. If you get a copy skip to the last set of Chapters from The Sea, She Can Be a Real Bitch to Lets Talk and they will detail meeting the knight and Master Cava’s disdain for him. Others in the group share this contempt but don’t espouse it quite like the good ranger could when he was mad.

He was mad, a lot.

I hope he has found happiness once again and back to our predicament. Once it was made clear he intended to jail us forever and then execute us I could see his ‘Ego’ had replaced his ‘Justice’ knights like Sir Quixis Ote were renowned for.

I have broken my first law to avoid death for hubris’ sake. Using our Amulets that would teleport us to Sekti-Abtu we evaded arrest to try and figure out what to do. Master Asher and I shared the frayed nerves that none of the rest of the group could ever truly understand. We had used power because we could for our own ends not because it was the right thing. This is the slippery slope that leads to becoming MONSTERS in the eyes of the societies we wish to live in harmony with. We apparently appeared in an antechamber of the, um… Please don’t be cross with me Good Scribe of Light or my Noble Brother but I don’t think I should share “where” we ended up? In time we met with the Acamarch, Forenque Dngg once more. He apologized that he forgot to tell us when the Empress was suppose to arrive. Terse words were exchanged between everyone and I even interrupted the Acamarch to just spell it out plainly what we could do. It frustrates me when mortals talk in the manner of gods. You can’t communicate effectively if your using the old Elven ‘Kennings’ to hide your meaning like Master Asher did earlier with his tale of the “Kobold & the Bishop.”

Back when were had split to get dinner and torch delivery completed Master Azariel had asked me about his worthiness to lead the group, and I told him do nothing we could talk about it later. Well when Master Asher and myself said we were going to turn ourselves in he galvanized us into re-voting him in and the Acamarch was kind enough to tally the votes. The concession was made to turn ourselves over to the Empress directly we paid for scrolls to take us to Ethaniel, the capital of Lopan. Then another set to return us to the Bazaar in Lopania directly so we might register before surrendering to the city watch mercenaries. I am trying to be a rock for my Elven friend and leader but I was freaking out that every good deed was being washed away by breaking a law. I worship the Lawgiver and I had ‘knowingly’ broken a law and helped others to do the same! Still Master Azariel is my friend and smarter than I will ever be so there must be a loophole I am not seeing.

Trust the Elf, Trust the Elf.

Through magic we arrived outside the personal chambers of Empress Jesslyn in Ethaniel. Guards having been well briefed did not attack but sought her Imperial Majesty for an audience in the wee hours of the night of the 9th of Ra or is it the very early morning now? Witching hours are hard to tell time on.
Empress Jesslyn is… umm, good grief she is not even in front of me and I am getting flustered writing about her beauty because I am not sure there are words I know that may do it justice. She is the most most beautiful elf I have ever laid eyes upon and gathering my teammates reactions. I am not speaking from a lack of being worldly. We are greeted as friends and her gown, errr… She explained what the Acamarch did about the laws (and the ones they were certain we had not broken) upon hearing our tale of Sir Thurgood Andress and his plans for our group. She is the only person I have seen navigate the waters of legal matters better than Master Azariel and that “IS” saying something!! Seeing a truly good and kind heart I was about to ask for something I still expected to be turned down on when Master Asher beat me to it. He asked to be made a vassal of the Empress and accepted in Lopanic society.


Master Overkill seemed so overjoyed he was stomping his foot and biting his golden armored knuckle. Thank goodness for his runic armor!! Brother Indaris wiped a tear from his eye citing a beautiful moment, indeed it was. I felt asking for myself would be petty but please discuss this with the tribe and let me know their answer.

If we could join with a modern society which would we choose to align ourselves with? I have read the wonders of the Wolfen Empire, but have yet to see it for myself. Lopan or even Wisdom seems plausible, the Timiro Kingdom I would not suggest given their issues with slavery. Western Empire is out for the same reason, but Mishalla is another option I just hate the damn jungle.

In writing this I have had an idea, which is going to sound ludicrous so I am telling no one but this may help absolve CrIsis of its sins with Sir Thurgood. I can already hear the objections my friends will make but it feels like the right thing to do and I must find a way to help Sir Thurgood over his hate before the dark makes him one of theirs. Well this great risk will either kill me or the reward will be restoring the nobility of a Palladin! I owe it to all the Palladins I know: Mergerij, you, Sir Quixis to try and redeem us in his eyes and his nobility for his soul. I have to do this because I wanted to smite him so bad but everyone who knows of him says he is a “Good” man. What people forget about strong outgoing personalities is that they need aid sometimes as well. Wish me luck.

After our arrival in the market bazaar of Lopania we raced back to our dirt plot to find FORTY, yes “4” “0” minions of the Dark and the Elf Witch waiting for us! Needless to say our group was epic and up to the challenge! I remember Master Asher dropping the ‘Cloud of Slumber‘ spell that dropped every into sleep! They failed horribly, no one could resist the Kobold’s Mystic Might! He was able to identify the supernatural evil entities that had taken other forms and I used the ‘Death‘ spell to obliterate them. We tied the rest up and lifted the cloud enchantment and I snagged all but the Elf Witch with a ‘Carpet of Adhesion‘ spell. Master Azariel woo’ed and won over the ELf Witch, I believe with magical assistance but I regret I was paying attention to the rest of the mob when a spell would have been cast.
* She was the agent of Bes in Lopania.
* She had made the attempts to bribe the L.G.C. guards.
* Corrupted L.G.C. guards could be found at the following arenas: Et Horus, Juggernaut, Lopanic Bowl, Alliance, Hippdrone, Ippodrone, Dragon’s Breath, and one of the underground arenas that train fighters.

Given the go ahead I used the last of the ‘Death‘ spell to grind her bones to dust. One mor agent of evil put down. The threat neutralized I pulled Master Azariel aside and removed two items from my bag. The first was a ‘Note’ from Gromhuran which he explained to me that I was the only one that could open it. The other was the item from a bag. I read the note and shared it’s contents with the group and gave him the physical note so he can study the wards used. Along with a green river stone I knew as the Stone of Bridges and made it a gift to him. Some words were shared but an Alchemist needs to study magic items and this one was made so long ago it should teach him much.

Be well to you both,

Xerx’ses … Name in progress… ,
War Wizard of CrIsis

P.S. Although I am no priest may the Lawgiver’s judgement keep you both safe.

>>> Written by Xerx’ses,
in the wee dark hours after Highmoon upon the 9th of Ra, 70th Year of the Wolfen Empire, 2nd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, and 343 year of the Dominion of Man. <<<

Lady in yellow dress, picture by Nomuh.
Picture of Minotaur from DeconZR.
Picture of Torch from Palladium Books.
Picture of Lopanic Games Committee Emblem from AZ_RUNE.
Picture of Dragon Coin from Palladium Books.
Picture of Reporter from Harry Potter Wikia.
Picture of Azariel from Gaitkeeper.
Picture of Minotaur Berserker from El-Grimlock.

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