Whispers From Bast

Reminders Carefully Given

Indaris wakes with a start, and hears a calming voice purr, “Don’t you fret, Seeker of Isis. You are not to be harmed this evening.”

Standing in front of his bed, in a sheer, flowing nightgown that leaves nothing to the imagination, is the Goddess Bast. Indaris stares at her curves, and sits up, flushed..

“While I am flattered, I am here for business purposes only- your Seeking leaves something to be desired,” Bast says, trying hard not to speak seductively.

Indaris stammers, “Where have I failed you my Goddess?”

“You need to seek all knowledge, fill in the holes so to speak, of the knowledge given to all of CrIsis, even before you joined.” Bast, not being able to help the pun, giggles, and Indaris’ blush reaches epic proportions.

“Can you speak more clearly my Goddess, I am not sure what you are hinting at.” Indaris cannot help himself, and crosses his legs, trying to regain control.

“Go back to the Beginning of CrIsis, back as far as you can go. Seek out the knowledge from those that were given, and go to them. Do not fail, as Seeking is your new job.”

“Your prayers of the last few days have been heard. Keep them coming.” She giggles again at the double entendre.

With that the Goddess disappears.

Even Nara would forgive him for what happened next.

Alone in Indaris room on the 14th of Majestic in New Crests at Elanu Groff’s mansion- was Elanu a coincidence as well- doubtful.

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