Wisdom, It’s Not Just The Name Of A City

| Reader Note: This has been
| sent to Brother Malkin.
| At the at the Library of Bletherad.

Good Master Chronicler of Light,

This moment is a time for reflection, its is not often for two opposing forces to come to blows in this world without one falling to the other in death. When you are lucky enough to survive a defeat with everyone hale if not entirely whole it is a good day and pause for how to not make the same mistake again. some time has actually passed since my last missive. Much has transpired and the Library of Bletherad is the next stop once we teleport back to Rogtilda in New Crests. I should start from our last report in New Crests and finish with our mysterious assailants here in Wisdom.

~ The 15th of Grekar ~

It was two turns of an hourglass after Highmoon according to the watch on Rogtilda when I asked the time upon our return from Mayor Groff’s gorgeous estate. I was very tired having expelled a great deal of energy today and knowing I would be teleporting soon I wanted to have all of my reserves ready.

I was awakened by Kom’var because Master Jershon wanted to inform me I was wanted on deck to deal with the Harbor master regarding dry dock and repairs for Rogtilda. I have gotten used to Kom’var being a little brother of sorts but in my tribe I am merely a young adult and most of them don’t get taken seriously until they are 75 or older. However, being a part of the Serinan Tribe I am unsure of how the structure works. I wonder if I will be able to own land in the Timiro Kingdom and be able to get Master Alchemist, Azariel to help me set up Teleportation Circles between there and the tribe in the Baalgor Wastelands? Oooh, I can’t wait to see what kind of Flail he might make for me? I remember his promise and I hope I have done things worthy enough to curry such favor. Though, i am sure I will pay or acquire the needed materials and a Dwarven crafted weapon to enchant.

Xerx’ses, you are going to replace me?

Ugh, no but if Kom’var manages to outlive the spell and become a real Minotaur I thought it would be a nice weapon to bequeath to him.

Oh, well that’s fine then.

Anyways, turns out almost everyone had gone to breakfast at Mayor Groff’s rather palatial estate and I was left to sleep to recover my mystical energies, very kind of my friends to think of me like that. When they returned Father Indaris handed over a scroll from the mayor about paying for the repairs. I was speechless and grateful all at the same time. I was just grateful I had already been kneeling to talk with the Dock master so I didn’t fall over from surprise. I have gone from catapults to a fixed ship. My how times they are a changing!

It was discussed the earliest Rogtilda could be ready was 21 days and the latest would be about 30 days. I was thrilled to hear that because now trying to get everyone to Wisdom to look for the Royal College of Navigation. If the gods were kind to me I hoped there would be the chance to learn a spell at the Tri-Arcanum Magic Guild. Well CrIsis wanted to visit the New Crests Alchemist and I bid them farewell I would try and catch up later for the trip to the Gold Coast Trading Company store here. While they were gone it was decided the Kom’var and one rotating crew member would stay on board the ship to keep the Golem from appearing.

Mistress Honeysuckle asked about the Redbeard crew search. I checked with Father Indaris and he said from his experience that she should be okay to travel for another two, possibly three months while pregnant. I selected Mistress Annie, Mistress Eyes, and Master Attel to accompany and safeguard each other. I reminded them they had to be back by the 15th of Majestic (4 weeks or roughly 30 days, give or take).

I explained that Kom’var is a clone, or copy of myself that can think and act independently within certain rules I have set down. I expanded his rules to accommodate the repairmen by allowing my “Spellborn” double to leave the ship to save the repair team from falling or drowning. With everyone satisfied the Golem would not make an “unexpected” appearance. Master Jershon set up a rotating crew member to stay with Kom’var and also help the repairmen with anything they might need. Stef was the first to stay on the ship as everyone left to make orders for yellowwood for repairs, while Masters Jershon & Crow came into town with me to discuss shopping and pay lots. I was going to make my way to the store for the Gold Coast Trading Company and wait for CrIsis so we could get the book proceeds. Shortly, before I made it to my destination my fellow companions came down an adjacent street in our wagon. I bid Masters Jershon & Crow farewell and they continued on to the food merchants for resupplying Rogtilda.

Once we arrived Master Ja’Deir was the one among us to provide the password for the account we were led into a room and shortly thereafter our wealth was “carted” in! When we were alone I made sure Father Indaris shared the secret to everyone because when I whisper the sound really is whispering and Hannah thinks I am just making funny noises. I would include the totals of the books sales but that seems tactless and I think it was more than I believe most folk will see in their lifetimes would cover it. Now what to do with all the wealth. A big portion gets saved to cover the needs of the ship, and a portion is given to every crew member as a “bonus” for doing their jobs and living through combat. Donations to the Church of Light were the next order and our fairy princess, Hannah, had sold some fairy food to have quite the pile to donate. Though we carried it for her.

Oh, I don’t know if she is a princess “officially” among her people but I thought it would make her feel special when she reads it someday.

I know Ursus and Father Indaris are hitting it off, because as I was at the Temple of the Great One providing my donation to the Lawgiver. Father Indaris paid to have a statue to Khonsu made and reinvigorate his worship among folk. Apparently, Khonsu, is partial to races that are not hooman, elf, or dwarf in nature. I wonder if my actions in CrIsis have caused him to come back to the world and help his fellow Gods of Light? Whatever the truth of that may be here in New Crests none of the Gods of Light are left out of prayers now! How wonderful is that!

That night I finally told Father Indaris about the visions and nightmares I’ve been still having over the Vequana and my decisions on the Isle of Cyclops. The good Father listened and told me when we finally reach Haven I must go to must go to the Temple of Osiris and tell the Lawgiver what I told him. Then ask for the penalty for such a crime of faith. Doing so will not only re-affirm the God’s stance as the Lawgiver but remind him of his duties absent for eons. It will show the world CrIsis does not put itself above the Gods while working for their holy quest. He surmises that if do this then when it is done so will the nightmares and visions of guilt. Lawful attonement by the heavens will. I hope so this form of spiritual restitution is the best chance I have to get back on his good side.

Each crew member got quite a hefty sum for bonus pay I am told we are far more generous than most merchant companies, nobles, independant captains, etc. To be fair most of the groups being mentioned don’t have books being written about them by the world’s most famous author and supported by the Church of Light. All we are trying to do as CrIsis is recognize those efforts. Kom’var asked if he got a share today because he helped to save Master Attel. I don’t know if this is what being a parent is like but my heart bled. Unfortuneately, he asked in public and while some of the crew watched I had to explain to my “Spellborn Twin” that he is still technically a spell effect with a potentially limited lifespan. He smiled like I have not done in so long and nodded mentioning, “One step at a time, now to become a real Minotaur.” Before he went off to below deck I stopped him to remind him that neither of us are psychic and if he needs anything he has but to ask. Kom’var smiled and thanks me just before disappearing with the crew below deck. Later I heard some of the crew bring him different food from around the city for him to try since he can’t leave the ship.

That last thing I did that day was send a Pigeon Spell to Master Kel-ed, Leader of the Weavers of the Tri-Arcanum Guild in Wisdom that we are in route.

~ The 16th of Grekar ~

After a simple breakfast, Father Indaris and I prayed while Master Ja’Deir did his mudras (or whole body physical prayers might be an easier descriptor). Hannah and I perform the Teleport Ritual to take CrIsis to the Tri-Arcanum Guild in Wisdom. Because she thought I might need the energy more than her she donated three fourths of the energy and I donated the last fourth, which is half of my total reserves! This is not a spell I will do often. We appeared on the roof of the guild and happen to startle Master Kel-ed during one of his experiments! All of us managed to avoid being slaughtered and a playful reproach aimed at me about a timeframe of arrival would help next time.

Kel-ed warned Master Ja’Deir about Charolyn, Mistress of the Internalists (Psychics) looking for an intimate rendevouz with him. When our Ashada applies a psychic disguise to look hooman. Master Kel-ed warns that won’t work on floors: 8,11,14,17 where psi-powers don’t work.

Master Kel-ed met Mistress Hannah and falls head over heels, speaking in Faerie and talkings about new foods they disapper through the floor. Would you believe practing the “Mating Ritual” is a hobby nearly every race seems to find fun?!? Clearly, the Goddess Bast has a much larger following than I thought because Mistress Iana said that is how all the priesthood of Bast prays in her homeland. I am just going to assume “uuuuh” and “oooh” are meditative prayers not to disimilar to mudras perhaps?

Speaking of mudras, only Master Ja’Deir’s memory and use of the word “RETSU” activate the staircase to go down from the roof. While that is happening many of our new members (Ursus mostly) remark about the view 21 stories in the air without being on a mountain. A list of places are remarked by Master Ja’Deir and myself (Mostly Ja’Deir’s better memory) is below:

⊲ King Hafton’s Palace (This is the one I pointed out)
⊲ Tri-Arcanum Guild in Wisdom
⊲ Opera House
⊲ Institue of Science & Magic
⊲ Library of Renown (It is said the Royal College of Navigation is part of it).

Masters Ja’Deir, NoName, and I try to sneak out just before dusk to go and investigate the Royal College of Navigation in the Library of Renown. Father Indaris distracts Master Ursus with a trip to the kitchen. Unfortunately, Master No Name knocks over books with his holy scythe. We waited outside (I am in hooman form now) for half an hourglass, and when he did not emerge. I snuck back to find him being made to join the guild! I told Master Ja’Deir and he uses Telepathy on us as group! He almost gets out of it until he refers to Master Kel-ed as a woman! FAIL! So the two of us continue and make it inside the Library to a wizened elf Librarian, when we ask about the Royal College she said that she will call someone over. Soon a female dwarf librarian shows up (black hair) and leads us into a room. Once the door is shut and the room dark I nudge the Ashada and he says, “Have you heard about the Khejas Family?”

The female dwarf librarian replies, “I heard they were all slain horribly, It’s terrible!”

Soon another door opens and we head through it and down stone passageways nearly a mile below the surface to two bookcases containing what has been left of this seed library. It looked as though it held much more in the empty, vast chamber, once. I find the Book titled “Chin’s Phoenix: Book V, Inner Bonds” and inside it is the Holy Seba symbol. Jumping up and down for joy I shove it at Master Ja’Deir asking him to read it because of mudra’s and stuff. We wait while he commits it to memory and then it gets stuck in my sacthel. Counter Clockwise around the Seba symbol are “understanding,” “like,” “water,” “just.”

We got back to find out about a mix up that trapped Mistress Hannah for a time but she was saved by Father Indaris bringing to situation to the attention of Master Kel-ed.

~ The 17th of Grekar to the 10th of Majestic ~

One might think with everything I have seen that I would become indifferent to the wonders of all the magic in the world. Well, that is not true. I created a living copy of myself and now I am having to act like a father/brother figure toward it. Just today I witness a Priest learn a spell via prayer! Grateful for the social call Master Wesvon gives Father Indaris a gift to present to another priest of Thoth in the learning area of the 17th Floor. The priest of Thoth turns out to be an aging elf that knows and ancient prayer to imbue a spell to another priest as a miracle that can only be done twice a year! That’s right wonders never cease!

Since he had a month to wait I was able to convince Father Indaris that we should stay for the month. Master Ja’Deir saw that the root idea came from me. To which I cannot deny and only sited what Xar-Xar said to me about the Defilers learning magic. To make up for her ordeal Master Kel-ed teaches Mistress Hannah about the Faerie Food called, Water of Darkness. Not sure what it does yet though. I believe I made the wise choice to stay away from Master No Name’s teacher as he turns out to be an Elven War Wizard! I am a little worried he may be from the ancient line of the Nerodin Elves of Sulestan!

I traded the spell that I used to make Kom’var for the one called Restoration. This allow me healing magic for serious injuries to CrIsis, but was as taxing as Teleporting. Were it not for the group I would have so picked transforming into Mist!!!!!!! Oh the things I could learn then!!!

I think Master Ursus got the better end of the month! Master Wesvon got him to help teach his students about actual combat against supernatural creatures! He spent nearly all of his time fighting in the pits! Hidden pits I think are either below the Guild or on another world! Not sure and with all this how can I become indifferent to the wonders of magic!

I was bummed that aside from a simple prayer on the Festival of Apis I was not able to honor the only known Minotaur diety. When I layed my head down in the spartan room that belonged to me on the 20th of Grekar I had a vision that night I have only seen once before but the gods involved have changed.

I could make out all of the members of CrIsis in the gold depository of Sekti-Abtu, with Apis stands next to Forenque Dnng. Mistress Hannah and I were on the two largest piles of gold. On all shiny new gold Mistress Hannah sat, flittered, danced, proudly. On the pile next to hers and just as tall I sat cross legged, though my pile being older gold and new gold. Apis came up to me, kissing me on the forehead, and said, ‘You have shown your devotion over and over again Xerx’ses. I am proud of you. If you sit here again next year the reward will be even larger’ She then slips something in my hand. It is the missing jewel from Callandor’s hilt.”

When I awoke I saw the jewel already sitting in the hilt of my friend, I hugged my sword and and could feel his happiness as well. It was then on the morning of the 21st of Grekar that we got some sad and yet happy news. Rogtilda was able to briefly reach out to all of us telepathicly and inform us that his vision let us know he had one year – to the next festival – before he would pass on. For the first time I think Callandor understood why I was so happy that Roggan/Rogtilda no longer had a ring of CrIsis. When he passed on Anubis could not claim his soul to use against us.

~ The 11th of Majestic ~

The morning the 11th was fantastic because we got to celebrate Master Ursus’ birthday, the day was sunny beautiful! We find out we cannot use the roof of the Guild for teleporting because of ongoing experiments being conducted. So I came up with the plan to just walk outside in the late afternoon and just form a circle around Mistress Hannah and I was we teleport back to Rogtilda in New Crests. Once outside we are attack by unseen assailants!!! Mistress Hannah flies off to find them ruining the ritual. Father Indaris and Ursus try to fight one source in an alley to no avail and you get blinded temporarily and paralyzed by poisoned arrows. I tried to lightning the other source of arrows as screams abounded with, “Lovers of Asher DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!” Master Ursus saves Father Indaris, Master No Name saves Master Ja’Deir, and with the use of a See Aura spell while drawing Callandor I noticed No Name’s ghostly familiar, Tobi, going to save Mistress Hannah while I held the door to the guild back open and everyone ran inside. After some thought about the attack I mention I need to research a group of Kobolds that I believe are called the “Solarium” which attack in that fashion.

Etrinus Fortem,

Xerx’ses Goldenhorn,
War Wizard of CrIsis,
aka: Captain Osric Orghallar of Rogtilda

>> Written by Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, written upon the 11th of Majestic, 71st Year of the Wolfen Empire, 3rd year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 344 year of the Dominion of Man, and 24th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II. <<

All art by AZ_Rune.


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