Words, Glorious Words

To the Mighty and Terrible Lictalon The Great,

As an emissary of CrIsis and Priest of Isis, I would ask your noble patience if I have not addressed your celestial reverence in proper form. I am sure that should I have done so incorrectly you might have the fair Moli inform us as to any proper titles you prefer.

I was taught to introduce one’s self with a gift. When I met CrIsis I bore a gift of news from the wise and knowledgeable Lord of Wisdom, Thoth. I’m sure you remember him from that pesky War of Chaos with the Old Ones? Oh, from the bottom of the hearts of all peoples upon Palladium I wish to say our thanks. For your service in that mystical incantation that locked the Old Ones in mystic slumber below the mountain chains of the world.

Spot on!

The fact that the magic the three of you made lasted a hundred millenniums alone makes you worthy of your divinity. Apologies, my friend, Xerx’ses the minotaur of light had mentioned something to me after seeing a dead Bearmen stand up and mutate into a miniature sized replica of the Old One you might remember as Netosa! My gift unto you is knowledge for the Lord of Wisdom works in mysterious ways. Knowledge that a large cabal of Necromancers have weakened your protections. Knowledge that we have freed your gift of the Great Tree of Life from using its roots to drain the mystical energy it needed to live from those chains as well. Knowledge that should you feel so incline to remind the world why your name is a word of power. There is a chance for you (since you alone would know where the trio buried the Old Ones) to reinstate those wards, runes and such to save the world for another hundred millenniums!

Since you wish to bring peace unto the world of Palladium I can hardly see a better place to start than stopping one of the Old Ones from awakening to burn all you cherish.

We look forward to seeing Renvin and the newly formed Elven Kingdom . We just have our own pesky northern Necromancer, civil war in the ancient land of the late Emperor Khighfalton, and our secretive jungle Sage to deal with first. I am sure that should allow you plenty of time to maneuver the resources you may or may not (I don’t presume to know, but try to plan for issues arising) to stopping the threat of Netosa from risking the lives of your followers and subjects. Then with our schedules clear we shall make haste to Renvin to see the wonders of your court.

Blessings of Isis upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis

Sent to each of the three cities in the Elven Kingdom upon the 4th of Corg.

Place holder art for Lictalon by Toni Justamante Jacobs.


6 Responses to “Words, Glorious Words

  • Wow! Mic drop anyone! Compliment, left handed wrapped with a side of Litmus Test! Great log!

  • It really would be handy to know where he is going with what he is doing, and he does deserve praise for his accomplishments to date.

  • How unexpectedly direct!

  • Indaris earns Seeker here- well painted corner.

  • CHURCH, tell it like it is, or isn’t in this case. Well done calling him out.

  • Down with pesky Necromancers! Long live Isis!

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