Write Your Mother

In Trouble Again


I have always encouraged you to be independent! Did I complain when you were swooping like a mad gnome on Black Thunder? No! Did I object when you went into the Gnomish Army? No!

However, when you disappeared, I figured you would let me know where you are when you got settled. That was over three months ago!!

So, your Uncle Tom is in Whitewater for the winter, and he told me that a gnome matching your description was playing “a strange lyre that made the most frightening, yet appealing, noises.” Obviously this could only be you! Supposedly you were with an infamous group named CrIsis! Uncle Tom says that they were responsible for the war between the Humans and our Empire!

What have you gotten yourself into? I worry- please let me know.

Your Mother, Rosie Fappin


Sent on the 16th of Od in the 72nd year of the Wolfen Empire


Picture from Warner Bros


5 Responses to “Write Your Mother

  • Apparently, his mom and Torrun’s sister are pen pals!

  • Willy, how dare you make your poor mother worry. She’s going to become sick with grief!

  • Oi vey ist mir, Gnewmish Mothers can be so intrusive into your lives.

    Your Mom is still hot though Willy.

  • I wanted to have someone to write to Willy- I thought Mom would be fun.

  • Good ol’ Mumsy!


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