Xerx’ses Ascendant

~ The 27th of CORG ~

In the now small city of an ever growing Nisi, a very small following of some of the first true followers of Xerx’ses have managed to get time to pray in the main temple room at twilight. Standing before the small, multi-racial flock of five and twenty faithful is the Priest of Light helping guide one of the faithful in learning to become a Priestess as well. Father Conrad Berthold, minus his slightly more famous son, had returned to Nisi to help Father Philip run the growing town seeing a surge that might make it equal one day to Sekti-Abtu or Haven.

Father Conrad was speaking about a sermon he had worked on that he believed would honor the Oathkeeper, “Idealistic vows are vows made to the Oathkeeper in a moment of spiritual light-headedness such as vowing to go to Mishala as a missionary. Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a missionary but vowing to be a missionary, when you are not really suited or called is sheer rashness and folly and does not please the Oathkeeper. I do not serve the Oathkeeper or any of the Gods of Light out of a vow. I serve the Gods of Light because I am called and because I find it very fulfilling. I am not under any onerous obligation. I am free to serve the Oathkeeper, Osiris, or Horus in any way the Gods of Light directs. The Church of Light and Dark should not ask people to stand and pledge themselves for the ministry, instead they should ask them to be enquirers, to start on the journey and to take the time to discern their path.”

THWUMPP ! ! ! SPLASH ! ! !

Xerx'ses Ascending

With a roar of rushing waves coming from all around, six inches above the altar a golden burst of light appeared and from it came Xerx’ses’ lifeless form and about 100 gallons of cold northern sea water! He landed on the alter and water filled the floor space and soaked the faithful and everything nearby! Xerx’ses blood flung out from his wounds and when it landed upon Father Conrad and his followers present it had one of two effects.

1.) Their hair changed instantly to golden blond from whatever color it had been. Natural blond hair became platinum blond instantly!
2.) The less common option was seeing the pupils become swirling pools of gold in color! Any wounds and ALL ailments were healed instantly even if old age caused it! Only the closest six had both happen.

Before any could mutter a word another object appeared in the form of a large spectral hand. It removed the Eternal Torch Ring from Xerx’ses hand. Then an ivory colored feather fell down upon him out of nowhere! With a wave of golden light spilling through the room, and filling every ounce of the main temple building! Seemingly a few seconds later both Father Philip and Nara came running into the room to see what was the matter! As the feather absorbed itself into the Demigod Minotaur the light faded. A booming voice was heard throughout not just Nisi, but EVERY CITY WITH A TEMPLE DEDICATED TO EVEN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING DEITIES OF LIGHT:


We see fit to raise the Scion of Osiris, Xerx’ses Goldenhorn – Oathkeeper, of the Shandar Minotaur Tribe to Godling of the Pantheon of Light! His act of sacrifice saved 1,500 innocents and all of CrIsis from the Necromancer, Terosh, scion of Utu. They owe him their lives. Because of his sacrifice two pieces of Osiris are safe! This is only the most recent series of worthy acts. Such as the peaceful demonstration responses to hatred of him participating in this world’s Lopanic Games. Becoming the youngest among us removes him from CrIsis but not the world! By our hands so say we ALL!!

With that everyone present in the room sees Xerx’ses draw breath! “Nara! Fetch Laval’liere now! Everyone else, assist Father Conrad and I in bringing the Oathkeeper into the inner temple so he may recover in peace. Be mindful of the grace before you as you touch a God of Light!”

~ The 30th of CORG ~

Father Conrad was introduced to Xerx’ses and became his chief physician. The new Godling was thrilled to learn about the effect he had upon Luther’s life and very grateful his father was mentoring those that might wish to become one of his first priests! They would speak on and off over the next three days until the 30th and each learned a great deal about the other, and what makes them tick. The only request he made of Father Conrad was to visit the Library of Bletherad and have the monks record his views and questions they had with each other. Then such foundations of knowledge could be preserved for the future. Father Conrad broke the reminder that he was no longer a member of CrIsis, but that his work was likely never to be over as a god now. Xerx’ses was in agreement that it would take an adjustment but he would find a way to keep tabs on his friends.

Awakening in between both of his wives on the 30th was a weird circumstance for Xerx’ses. It wasn’t until the 28th of Corg that he even began to truly wake up. His headache had been amazing and his wife mentioned that she had selected his next bride! She informed him of how they met, and what had worked out for her she felt could be done for these people. The Shandar Tribe would become a nation and help anyone wishing to walk in the light. Xerx’ses agreed and it was decided that Father Philip and Jark Stonerush would officiate the ceremony. Even King Guy the First had used magic to arrive in secret after the booming announcement echoed throughout Credia and many other cities within the Timiro Kingdom! Xerx’ses asked if he would mind being his best man and the king agreed. Lady Ondemeira of Torchwood applauded the action citing no better way to show that all races would be treated as equals than having the Human King stand as the best man for a new God of Light as he weds one of the disenfranchised refugees! The world would take note and followers among the church would likely work hard to mend the fences that war left behind and move forward as a united people. In a quiet moment Xerx’ses spoke with the Orge priestess of Khonsu and made sure she was okay with the arrangement. It would seem she had become very sisterly to the showing Laval’liere and the coming child of Xerx’ses and her. The Golden Minotaur asked the Moon worshiping Orge if she would be willing to trust him with the name of those she would want at the wedding. She gave them and he kissed her with him vanishing in a burst of light. A few minutes later Xerx’ses reappeared with two-thirds of those mentioned. He had explained the situation and those that came as witnesses and support her as their chieftain, the rest stayed behind to tend to those in care of the Humans and Minotaurs of the Shandar Embassy.

Xerx’ses and the King Guy spoke at length regarding the events leading up to this and word was sent to Duke VasPasseon via his majesty. It was stated that Xerx’ses would be in Llorn soon on his own answer the concerns about New Haven, and see about cross training a special branch of the famous mercenaries as Knight-Mages. Xerx’ses heard about the problem with the surrendered forces and asked King Guy to make his wife an ambassador of the Shandar Nation which would be granted a plot of land as an embassy in the southwestern location of the kingdom extending up over the Silver-Range mountains and 25 miles into the Old Kingdom. This would grant him access and control over the ley line and nexus within the Kingdom on its border. In exchange for the grant of land they would patrol the western border of Timiro. A tower of sorcery would be constructed as the first sorcerer’s fortress where he would train Battle Wizards that had achieved archmage status. All would be required to serve Timiro for 14 years and the training of another Battle Wizard. After he had given Timiro 50 of these master wizards the land would be granted unto the Shandar Nation. They would then begin moving into the grasslands of the Old Kingdom and begin to deal with the Giants. Xerx’ses said it should give him enough time to find a world to move them to that could allow them to thrive and remove the threat to Palladium. Once that had been accomplished the Shandar nation would expand into the Old Kingdom lowlands and split the territory with Timiro. When King Guy asked about the newly formed Elven Kingdom and their god, Lictalon the Great Xerx’ses pondered. He mentioned he would go see Lictalon and find an accord so to avoid further conflict. King Guy liked the deal of having the chosen people of a god look after one of the borders of his kingdom. Xerx’ses then sweetened the deal with taxes to be paid off the land and incomes accrued until the aforementioned gifting of the land. The exact amount could be negotiated at a later date between policy makers. King Guy felt that something should be able to be worked out and would work with his wife and Elder Xixin to make this dream come true.

Aleyne_EYES_Hawkspur-v1-400pxThe wedding on the 29th between the three was a rousing success and the party lasted late into the night and near morning of the 30th. Xerx’ses kissed them both and dressed his wounds fully healed and energy at new heights. From the inner temple rooms he had been granted use of he left and walked out to find Father Philip and explain he was going to be gone for a few hours on a goodwill outing. The priest nodded as the doors open for morning services Xerx’ses vanished and appeared above Lopan and flew off in Phi’s direction. When he was about a mile off shore a magic pigeon arrived with a map to Renvin and the invitation of Lictalon. Off he went after replying he was looking forward to meeting such a legendary hero of the light and he had hoped he could be reunited with Aleyne Hawkspur to see if she was indeed happier in her new home. The beauty of Renvin could not be denied and his presence was met with awe far more than shock and no one had any catapults! Lictalon and Xerx’ses walked through the city but the real conversation was being done via telepathy over two rings. Lictalon was open the concept of aid in reclaiming the former New Kingdom and said he would be willing to work the details out in further talks. When they stopped at a park along a small lake Lictalon took his leave for there was no mistaking the shoes or the elf wearing them with matching dress, Aleyne. She blushed when she saw him and walked over to hug him as he knelt to return the embrace. He mentioned how much he missed her and she mentioned she was sorry for taking the items she had. Xerx’ses just said if she is happy then there’s nothing to fret over. Xerx’ses nodded and told her if she wishes to become one of his wives she will be taken to Laval’liere, and if not then he has spoken to Lictalon whom has guaranteed her a home and a fresh start. Eyes cried a small bit and kissed him on the cheek thanking him but she wanted to try and start over here. He wished her well and in his mind thanked Lictalon for giving her a home, as he took off the ring and held it in his palm it vanished a second before he did.

Xerx’ses appears in the hot, burning winds of the parched desert landscape that is the Baalgor Wastelands. He can see the entrance to Fort Etrinan below and over the wind he hears Gromek crying out, “You will come and serve the High Commander against the Giants!” Xerx’ses turns around and his wings of gold shoot out as the light of the heavens cascades out from under his cowl and the bottom of his robes. Golden Lightning covers his arms and a flail dangles in a menacing fashion from his right hand glowing red!

“Come and MAKE ME!”

The last thing the twelve Gromek remember is fanning out into a circle around the angry, angelic, Minotaur. One chain light blast later they were all falling out of the sky hearing this Golden Terror scream that if they left the mountains to hunt in the desert he would end them! Then at speeds they cannot reach he flies up and becomes invisible. Following that he returns to the doorway and lands in front of the guards revealing himself once more. It doesn’t take much to be let in and soon he is gliding down the familiar and not familiar tunnels. They are lit at regular intervals and carved up to 15 feet high. Running across a few other guards he is greeted as he coasts by providing more of his own light. When he enters Etrinan proper he is astounded how well lit and the number of people around him, 99% minotaur, two elf priests and one human priest of light. Cheers and cries of joy erupt and it is not long before his father muscles his way forward only to become awestruck at Xerx’ses standing before him.

“Father do you have the rune mace?”

Elder Rostam Stonemace produces the stone rune mace, Anzuroq. Xerx’ses touches the enchanted mace with a finger and with the other hand he beckons forth Father Linbrand. He shoves his hand forth into the air as it ripples like water swallowing his arm up to the elbow! A few moments later he draws forth a swirling mist of white smoke. Next, he pushes the smoke to the floor and starts to speak in mystical words as the body of Zeelik Stonemace begins to appear! The crowd watching grows to over a 1,000 people within a minute as the Godling finishes and Zeelik opens his eyes and begins breathing! Rostam runs forward and hugs Zeelik and Xerx’ses leg! Cries of the miracle of resurrection go up and Xerx’ses asks Father Linbrand to report on what he saw here today. The elf nods and Xerx’ses kneels down to his family, “Father, brother, just as I vowed to bring you back, so must you reach out to Kom’var Spellborn. He is a twin of the old me that I made, so he is also your son, and your brother! Magic huh! Oh, I am going to be a father soon as well, but Father can fill you in there.”

The three of them smile as Xerx’ses continues, “Brother, take the next six years to get your life back. But in doing so would you agree to become one of my Holy Paladins?”

Zeelik nods, “Of course how does that happen?”

Xerx’ses turns to Father Linbrand, “Please send word to the church and they should send someone to help. Once there are six of you form a Hexatuar and find the Flail of Prayers. Once you do so I will turn it into a Holy Weapon for our people.” Saying his good byes to his family he raises above the crowd and sees the column in the center of the underground small city. He floats over to the door and with a wave of his hand it opens and closes as he enters. A ring of gold light shoots up and disappears the the ceiling. Somehow, everyone knows Xerx’ses the Godling is gone having done what he came to do.

~ The 31st of CORG ~

Xerx’ses, entered the Tower he knew as A’zad’s but now was called his. A golden eagle drops a message for him and vanished in musty light.

As the first among our scions to achieve this station this is our special gift to you. This has 100 archways within it, in the center is a pyramid designed from images I pulled from your mind about the aspects you liked. We have influenced the clergy and those in power to make Fort Etrinan in this image with defensive cues from Shandala. One archway is tied to the roof of the Tri-Arcanum Guild. Another to the plot of land in Ma’ip where your pyramid will be built. This space is an Astral Realm a follower of mine made for you. I ask they be allowed to spend their final days here in peace. A month will pass before they arrive. All indications suggest they have a century left and wish to pass peacefully in their sleep. You’ll have a century to learn these magics and then only you will have access to this plane.

Thoth, expects to see you after the century for more study.

I expect even greater feats Golden One,


As he looked around he saw the column’s or this pocket of the Astral Plane leading up to rooms of the tower about 150 feet in the air. No stairs led up to them and there were 10 floors between him and the top. Each floor interior, if they could be called that, was 10 walls joined in a circular fashion each segment had an archway in the middle. The second floor level set of arches were slightly offset as each floor went up giving it a slightly spiral appearance. If you couldn’t fly then the upper levels were beyond safety’s reach. In the center of the ground floor was what looked like the cap off a step pyramid. Set within the top was a pool of silver liquid that almost looked like a molten version of the metal. He flew up to glide over to the pool and looked in. It reacted to his touch showing him where CrIsis was at that moment! Hatching a plan to let them know what happened he headed to the archway which would take him to the Ma’ip so here could ask Horus for a favor.

CrIsis was sitting around the fire pit as Torrun tried to have an honest chat about himself. Xerx’ses noticed the Dwarf stopped sharing very much when he seem to realize the questions were not truly about him but more a threat assessment to the group from him. So far Nameless Man appears to be the first to try and find out anything about him as a person. Xerx’ses waited for what seemed like a pause to him and when he saw it he turned to Horus, “Now Lord Avenger, if it pleases you?” Horus snapped his fingers creating a much smaller version of his ability to create a star temporarily! He told him it would cover 100 square miles and only last at most a quarter hour. Xerx’ses was truly grateful and Horus exacted a promise to go demon hunting later.

The campfire changed to the color of Xerx’ses magic – golden flames that shed no heat, but SHOT UP INTO THE AIR AS A FLAME SPIKE! A piece of it breaks away as it dies back down and from that Horus fashions the temporary mini-sun Xerx’ses uses as a portal to travel back to Palladium. Xerx’ses descended towards his friends but stopping short of touching the ground as Horus had suggested. Hovering just above the remains of the heatless golden fire immense light emanated from below his hood as though heaven was inside him and the power was leaking through in ways mortals might understand. Knowing he had to start talking he readied his gifts and powers.

“My friends. I have been called up to serve as a junior God among the Pantheon. I am being allowed to fulfill my obligations to the Tri-Arcanum and then I will officially move to the Ma’ip. I am glad you all survived. I have some gifts for you.”

A scroll to Bletherad was given to Ursus. A scroll to Renvin was given to Silent Dream. A scroll to Avramstown was given to Grignak. To the Nameless Man he gave a returning scroll that would take the user back to wherever one of the three destination scrolls took them! He whispered to the Nameless Man of how to cast one of the teleports from the Western Empire so the return scroll takes you back there keeping the promise. Then he touched his hand and for a few seconds of time the black leather of his hat and coat were as golden as treated doeskin gloves. Merkl and Torrun received the remaining returning scrolls.

“Know that you will have trying times ahead of you, even more than what you are experiencing now. It will be hard to find common ground, but you must. Find it! Because, if you can’t find common ground, then the light can’t find common ground. And you must heal the wounds that appeared and work very hard to move forward. I have faith in all of you. You have been the greatest joys and inspirations of my life… and now my burgeoning Godhood. And I hope to see all of you with me. And sometimes that path doesn’t lead this way.”

Xerx’ses looked briefly to the south and then continued.

“And I will look in on Indaris in due time. But for those of you who stayed true to the path, you have my eternal thanks, and I will always count you among my friends. But for now it is time for me to go. Just know that my saving you was something that They decided was worthy. And I hope you don’t have to risk such a thing, but Hades will push it. Be prepared. Be well. And I love you all.”

Then he rose up into the sun and it faded away back to night with heat returning along with the normal color of the flames. When he met Horus again he saw him talking with Isis whom turned and looked at him, “Please Oathkeeper would you get Indaris back on board before I kill him, good grief, sometimes the lot of you!” Watching him nod in acceptance, Isis, waved her hand and Xerx’ses appears above Sekti-Abtu! He descends to a growing cheering among the throngs and then he stops short above them and floats to the treasury. The guards bring him inside and Acamarch greeted him asking how he could help. When he asked for Indaris the Acamarch led him to the room. When Indaris sees his friend alive he blinks and sees him instinctively for his elevation.


“In order to save me they had to remove me from CrIsis and elevating was the method they chose.”

“But how can they let him use zombies?”

“I have fixed this issue and I am so sorry I was not able to get back sooner.”

“What happens now?”

“Well, Isis has no interest in letting you go so easily. We are headed to the First Pyramid of Osiris near Nisi so I can reunite you with Nara. In three months you, as a former CrIsis member, you will be rotated out to another pyramid. When the quest is over you and Nara can develop the life you wish to pursue. Besides I need help getting clergy of my own now.”

“I’d be happy to help in that regard!”

“Excellent I will bring you to the steps and send a pigeon to Father Philip to get this worked out. All you have to do is walk up the steps and the Ramen will help you get settled.”

With that Xerx’ses thanked the Acamarch and when he touched Indaris they vanished.

~ The 1st to the 8th of SELESTRA ~

Jershon-HerrimanAfter visiting the Shield of Light and giving his blessing to Annie with a scroll that would permanently change her into a Minotaur. She had Kom’var bring out the carrot juice they had been saving and Xerx’ses had a last meal with his crew when he proclaimed the ship now belonged to Captain Jershon Herriman, providing he fulfilled his contract to serve CrIsis until the quest was over. This was met with cheers and a new carrot flavored rum drink called the “Gangplank!”

When Xerx’ses returned home to Nisi he had asked for a time to walk the city with his wives. He changed into an Ogre and walked behind them as a servant might so they could show him the town and how it has grown. He met Humans, one or two Elves, more Dwarves, some of the Orcs and Ogres he had brought over, and a few more of his tribesmen that were excited to touch the hand of the mother of a demigod child of Xerx’ses and Laval’liere. When he started thinking about his child’s future as being treated with the knowledge his father is a god. He began to think again of his friends in CrIsis and how might he make their travels easier. When he awoke on the first of Selestra he decided he needed to clear up the issues surrounding the fall of New Haven. He explained his plans to his wives and left them to carry on solving problems as they had been admirably been doing all along. He arrived over Llorn in the skies about a mile above the ground to hide amongst some clouds.

Through a back and forth of magic pigeon messages he was given an audience with the Duke of Llorn, Githeon VasPasseon. It was the Duke that informed Xerx’ses of a new edition among the Books of CrIsis. It explained much of what the Duke had been stating, validating his efforts were not in vain on behalf of CrIsis. They talked about how grateful the Duke was that the trust of him had been he had not been killed, but only freed of demonic possession. Xerx’ses talked about the Vequana and its late-captain, Antonio De Gioto. They soon realized they actually liked each other and being allowed to finish out his term of office with the Tri-Arcanum meant there would be time for them to continue this friendship. The Duke referred to the Dickripper as “your unfortunate nickname” and never said it directly. In a pleading fashion the Duke asked that he pass on to CrIsis that he really had gifts for them all. The Oathkeeper said he would as their time together drew to a close. In exchange before he left he walked with the duke out into the streets of Llorn where Xerx’ses publicly thanked him on behalf of the Gods of Light for returning to the Light and being very proud of him. Now that the few hundred people close by could see, Xerx’ses spread his wings and left to continue his journey to full Godhood.

4th year of King Guy the First of the Timiro Kingdom, 72nd Year of the Wolfen Empire, 345th year of the Dominion of Man, and 25th Year of the Western Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.



Seen on the 8th of Selestra, by the rescued 1,500 survivors of the Sovereignty of Terosh. Along with every clergy person within the Church of Light on Palladium and the prophets of the Megaverse.


Interior temple picture of minotaur by Dyer Rose / @BasiliskOnline
All other pictures by AZ_Rune Art.


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