You Travel Dangerously

The Company You Keep, Keeps You

Dearest Burlap,

I am disheartened by the company you are keeping! Mangy Carl is responsible for reprehensible crimes, and for you to call him an “Opportunist” diminishes the hells he has brought upon the good people of Syrefald, and all the others that have been touched by his taint of drugs, corruption, and villainy! I am shocked that he brought you back to life, for he has never made an unselfish act!!

I just read what I wrote, and I realize that I am breaking my own tenets! I should not judge, and I have always said people change- for Epim’s sake, look at YOU!! So continue bringing joy and laughter in the Darkest places! Continue to look at life uniquely, and please, please, continue taking chances!

Visit on your way back through the Western Empire, for I have a gift for you, and would like to meet CrIsis. Just give me some warning, so I can tell you where I am.

Fare thee well my little friend! Laughter is your gift from the Gods- Continue to Spread It!
Sent on the 4th of Od, in the 23rd year of Emperor Itomas.

PS- A cute little bird told me you were in Sekti Abtu. If you see the Bird, please let him know that the Woodlands need help- and he owes me.

One Response to “You Travel Dangerously

  • “Ooops, careful your judgment was showing. Come now and have a lemon cookie I made them myself,” says Death.

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