You Will Pay

We Are Saved!

You Fools!

How could you have left her, my daughter. In the past I have written to her, and pleaded with her, to leave your idiot quest, but she never listened to me. She was enamored by your lies and your pretty baubles. She followed you out of a sense of loyalty.

What does a fairy know of loyalty? Nothing is what the answer should be, but my daughter showed you loyalty and it cost her life.

The gods have shown me a vision of her last moments. I saw her as she was dashed to the ground by giant’s clubs. I’m sure that she was laughing as she went, but even so, she is gone. My youngest girl has been removed from this world and I blame you, CrIsis.

I’ve decided to join the cause of the gods who are against you, and will do my best to make sure that your quest fails. I will be there laughing when you finally realize the futility of your actions. I hope to have an eternity to torture you for the eternity you removed from my daughter.

Your eternal enemy,


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