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When Did Torrun Make a Friend?

My Lord Torrun, Demigod of Valor

I wished to personally thank you for our days spent together in Caer Itom! The conversations were both fascinating and enlightening. I cannot tell you how much in awe I am at your consistency, steadfastness, and your refusal at drawing attention to yourself. You are truly a Giant in both knowledge and valor, and I will be following the tales of CrIsis closely from now on, extolling your valor and virtue to all I come in contact with. I hope that you will allow others to know your story, for you are an exceptional being!

That all being said, there is a small piece of business to attend to. CrIsis’ personal alchemist, Master Gabriel, completed his half of the bargain two weeks ago, on the 13th of Kym-nark-mar, and was surprised to learn that you had left the Empire. Please let him or myself know when we are to be honored by your presence again!

Worshipfully yours,
Zavik the Troll

Picture from Hoover Library


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  • Torrun’s Reply (I may make this part of a log later)

    Zavik, my good man! I hope on a cultural level your race does not need to be identified as a Troll as a sense of identity. If so let me know and I’ll amend my ways. However, you sir are a gem of intellect and delight to spend the days seeking to understand the mysteries of the world with. I will likely maintain a home or monastery within or near Caer Itom so I can visit with you as time allows. I still yearn to meet the young King Guy as I have just had the pleasure of meeting King Avramson.

    Please let your lord and patron know we will send word upon our way back.

    As to allowing people to know my story, you may freely give, sell, or trade anything I told you as a way to thank Master Gabriel. When this is over I would love for you to take me on a tour of the Old Kingdom Mountains. I want to see Korin Gilead the former capital of what my lineage ties me to this world. Perhaps I can even show you Congress some day!

    I have found a Martial brother in Tiny and hope he will join me in becoming this world’s first member of the Order of the Iron Wind. Alas, that is all for now and farewell till I visit your fair city once more!

    Torrun Ithanson

  • I still love just how ridiculous that Troll picture is. I’m glad that Torrun remembered about Gabriel and set this up for us.

    • It was the only troll picture with a book I could find.

  • Awesome, more goodies for destroying Evil.

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