Adeel’s real name is Maccadeel AnKaanem; fitting for one of the students of the Trickster Mage Whanna (back in her less then crazy days). Adeel gained a ton of cash through being a Trickster Mage. He knew how to deal in cards like you wouldn’t believe, but when he got his wealth he had to keep the origin a secret. For those that were looking for a lead he had to find a scapegoat.

Enter Burlap.

After Adeel had gotten all his property and possessions he insisted that it was right to give back to the mage that taught him everything that he knew. He was generous to all his staff (slaves) and he insisted that one or two of them study under Whanna and learn some real magic and bring humor to his home. Trickster Mages are not much about humor, but Adeel felt he owed Whanna, and he was certain that Whanna would teach them well.

For several years the two slaves studied under Whanna and had some good times running across the world. The master never asked about what happened on their adventures and when it was over, as promised, Whanna returned the two new mages. In the home Burlap was wild and rambunctious like hot crazy elf while the other brother was more calm and more of a child entertainer. Burlap had to go when he destroyed parts of Adeel’s home. Adeel has not seen the crazy hobgoblin for several months but the guy does write occasionally, never really saying where he is.