In This Brief Moment of Reprieve

Pippin sat huddled with the members of CrIsis and the others he arrived with. His eyes darted around the area observantly, making sure they all stayed safe. He noticed several of the members of CrIsis took this short “down time” to write letters or partake in playful, quiet banter – some of them doing both at once. “Of course,” he thought. “Their quest is dangerous. Constant updates would be necessary should the worst happen. And the jovial attitude masks the grave stress.” He thought about what they had been through together since meeting up and decided he, too, would write.

The following letter is translated from the original Elven:

I hope you are doing well. I know it has been some time since I last wrote you. As you know, I cannot come back to Lopan and have instead found sanctuary within the Wolfen Empire, in Havea. A greatly misunderstood species, to be sure, but I told you all about that in my last letter. Since that time a lot has happened.

I know what you must think of me after all the things I have done. I know you wish to not believe them, but I tell you again that they are true. I accept what I have done and the repercussions those actions have wrought. I ask you to do the same. By the grace of Ra I will redeem myself for those past sins. I write you now to tell you: I believe I have finally been granted this opportunity. For you see, I was summoned, along with three others, through visions granted from Ra himself!

We four were to tasked travel together and meet up with the heroes of CrIsis – yes, that CrIsis. Their noble quest for the Light continues and we were chosen to help them succeed in their next difficult task. We indeed met with them and together we traveled through the land of Giants. It has been an arduous journey, fraught with danger. But together with the grace of the Gods we have persevered and arrived whole at our destination. Here, we will find what CrIsis seeks. Here too, I hope that I will find the redemption I seek.

These letters always come difficult to me to write. It is my hope that one day I will actually send one of them to you. Until then, I wish you well Mother. May the grace of Ra shine upon the both of us.

With all my sincerest feelings,

Pippin folded the letter and, careful to do it when no-one was looking, he added it to a small stack of similar letters he kept hidden within his pack. He noticed that the others who were writing were still at it. “They must have a lot more to say,” he mused. “Or perhaps they are just not very succinct.”

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2 Responses to “In This Brief Moment of Reprieve

  • The first log I wrote for this game!

    • I loved Pippin a a character, he was so much fun. Maybe we can see Ser Huro and Pippin with the others in Vegas.

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