A Gift


Within this box is proof that we are serious. Surrender to us in Cynopolis, you and the so-called CrIsis, or others will suffer even greater tortures.

Your daughter Boduri cried plenty as we put the buttons over her eves, but we did not wish her to see that she was being placed in a box. We are not completely heartless.

Your wife Mary is performing many duties for us, I understand why you kept her! Her previous experience is being put to good use here.

Get in your boat, do not attempt the Trials tomorrow, and all of you come here. We have eyes on you in New Crests and will know if you disobey. If you do, the tortures of your loved ones will increase.

The Dark Will Triumph!
The Agent

Delivered Pegasus 24th, 111.

Picture of Boduri from Pulling Stock


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