A Prayer to Isis in the Cave of the Tezcat Necromancer

A prayer to Isis, forwarded, by agreement, to the Library of Bletherad from Jidian Kulder, leader of the Legion of Northmoor

Praise be to Isis that I, Jidian Kulder, Ranger of The Legion of Northmoor, have been given the grace to repay the friends who helped us recover the Glaive of the Old Ones and rescue noble Sister Gaia.

By your great power was I most humbly transported across many miles to meet up with noble CrIsis as they turned out the cave of the Wooly Dragon to claim your great bounty. With many thanks I accept the magical dagger I was given, and would offer an item to one of CrIsis in return.

Great initiative do your Warriors of Light show in their endeavours and so did we escape unharmed from the cave of the dragon’s wild servants. Rabid with greed they were, and so blessed were they that we took the dragon’s “SHINIES” to serve THE LIGHT. I thank you for the TRAVELSPELL that took us all safely to the jungles of the Yin Sloth.

I think CrIsis mistrusted the reptilian psy-mystic, Asher, and it may be that they have good reason to mistrust newcomers to their group, so wiley are the minions of Set, but I myself knew him to be honourable and sought to persuade the group. A group now much changed since I last had the honour to fight with them on your behalf. How well I remembered that short stout death defying mariner of Thoth, the daring dwarf Overkill and how I rejoiced once again to wield the powerful missiles of that Gnomish warlock and constant friend throughout the world, Master Tyvernos.

Three newer friends I met and commend them to you, my Queen. Xerx’ses the minotaur speaks strangely but fights with great power and force and must be a boon to his champion, your husband, and the furry mage they call Ja’Deir will serve the cause of CrIsis well. Your great servant, Indaris, I found to be as a shield to me and during the course of our travels. I of course heard that he had displeased you. I beseech you to take his bravery to your heart and be merciful to him; and I offer you one quarter of any treasure I take away from this place as payment towards his penance, may it please you.

Through nasty Jungles of steaming heat and uncomfortable biting insects I would gladly do your bidding, and the dark evil of UNDEATH I will most gladly dispatch in your name. Having done so vociferously, I find we have entered this dreadful cave and discover once more that the enemy flees from us. How it irks me that the SHE-ELF eludes us at the very moment of perceived victory, but I know by your will this thing must be. I pray that you allow CrIsis to exact their revenge and find this abomination and her Tezcat Necromancer Master.

Oh, Ye of Many Names, hear the prayer of thy servant.

Jidian Kulder
Sent upon the 12th of Grekar, 70th Year of the Wolfen Empire.
May Isis’ Light Shine Forever.

Picture by Biblianazar.

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