A Sailor’s Vision

We need a tank

Overkill awoke lying in very tall (6′) grass. The young dwarf only could see the bright sunlight above him, which changes into a form- a form of Horus, the Sphinx. The sun shone in the sky- he was obviously showing off his sun power- perhaps for others, perhaps for the dwarf alone….

Overkill, my silly dwarven servant, how can you doubt you are chosen? How can you doubt when each of us have saved you from Anubis’ clutches? You have died six times, and been brought back to fight for the light, each time renewed!! We have negotiated with the Dark on your behalf to rescue your wife!! We kept our war only on the Godly realm of Ma’ip, to protect your own world of Palladium. You should be at peace!!” The last sentence was soft but bold.

”Know this, Azariel will come back to you. He will tell the tale of those that have given themselves to CrIsis, and lost their way, or their lives. Only Chip, who chose to return to his own realm, and Drauka, who committed suicide and gave himself to Anubis, were not protected! Gavin and Morgan still spread the Light, going from Pyramid to Pyramid spreading the Love Of Light, and the Good Deeds of CrIsis!!”

”You are supposed to be yourself!! You must repay your debt to Bennu , and continue your STABBITY ACTION!! Place Mary in Sulyott’s care, she will be safe there, until you are finished with all of your duties! Build my adopted Father whole!! Fulfill your debts to your former teammates, and to Bennu! Where is Peri? Where is Cherlindria? Where is Lector’s Revenge? Fulfill your oaths!!”

”You are dearly loved by all of us, for you have never wavered! Do not waver now, nor despair! The Light will triumph. Please, ask any questions that you have, before I send you back to your quest!”

Overkill stared in the eyes of the god and ached. Strength and courage had been his strong suit with friends close. A carefree spirit had chosen to have a mate for life and duty of the gods had challenged that desire. So what was Overkill to do. Taking a deep breath he finally spoke.

“Will I die? Will my love ones be without? Will I get my request that the Redbeard clan always have red hair from my line? I have pushed and pushed. I know that I am not finished but I pray thee, give me some time with my wife. I have been away for so long. Let me finally grieve our daughter. What say you?”

Overkill bowed his head as if to wait for a reply.

Horus knew Overkill’s heart and spoke cautiously and with a cryptic undertone. “Slow down… time is of little meaning for you here and now. Will you die? Of course however from battle or old age I will not tell you, all mortals will but for you, you should not worry about when or how and more about with or without honor. I have something that will keep you from dying so easily.’

Horus took out a shining gold plate full suit of dwarven sized armor from the tall grass behind him, and hands it to the little man.

”Your loved ones have Sinza now- it is up to them whether they are with or without. The Redbeard clan will always be redbeards.”He winked at this phrase. ”You shall have only this journey to Mishala with your wife. Sulyott will keep her safe. You will have more time with her when you are done.”

Staring at the suit and the god, the sailor listened as Horus continued.

“You have grieved your loss- there shall only be a bright future for you, if or when you succeed. In the mean time, I shall ease the nightmares for you and your wife- you will not forget your treatment, but you shall not be haunted by it!” The sphinx spoke with the thunder of a god but with the compassion of one two.

”Is there anything else, Ovkral of the Redbeard clan? Wait. Before I let you speak let me tell you of your gift. For those many years that you have faced danger you have been brave and perhaps a bit brash and raced to defend your friends, to that I say well done, but this has been taxing on your body so let me tell you about the armor first.”

Horus looked at Overkill carefully. ”You do right to stand fully erect, for this is no mere shiny armor! It belonged to Wurgeld Goldenbeard IV, King of the Dwarves, and the dwarf who defeated the elves and brought about the Second Peace of the Elf/Dwarf war. This armor made him almost unbeatable in hand to hand battle! Lift it” and the dwarf does- it weighs the same as leather, while appearing to be full plate. “It only makes minimal sound as well (Overkill tried on a glove and closed and opened the hand. The glove made minimal sound, the joints were almost silent. (sounds like studded leather: -5% to prowl, climb, etc.). The god continued while Overkill was dressing, “It will glow upon command with the light of the sun (globe of true sunlight 3x/day) and that alone should make it priceless…. For a mariner such as yourself it is buoyant, floating upon the water as a duck!”

Overkill thought of his Swim as a Fish ring but said nothing. He listened.

“Lastly, its greatest achievement, and why those that know of this armor shall quake when facing you! Long distance weapons (projectiles, arrows, thrown weapons), mind powers, and magic treat it as a normal heavy plate armor, except it heals itself. (3D6 SDC/day- at sunrise- must be in line of sun, even if cloudy/rainy) Most importantly, only a perfectly placed hand to hand blow may harm it! Only those truly blessed by the Gods, or just plain lucky, shall penetrate the armor! The armor seems to deflect all but the most expert blows! (Projectile AR-17 Does normal damage to armor. HTH AR- must be a nat 20, death blow, knockout or a critical strike!! Otherwise it hits armor, and only does 25% damage (round up)).” Horus waited, then continued, “and if you do not put it on,” smiling, as the dwarf puts on the armor, “the hard knocks could continue”. The old god waits until all of the armor is on, helm, boots, gauntlets, all of it. From a shimmering pond, mere feet away, Overkill beholds his new look in the reflection. “You are bright gold, shining plate, and impressive!”

“It has always been referred to as Belimar’s Sun, but that is not truly appropriate, is it????” He chuckles, as the God who can literally become a sun himself. ”I think it should be known as Horus’ Light now, don’t you?” Overkill nods, mesmerized by the golden dwarf staring at him from the pond.

“One more gift for you young dwarf.” Horus, who had been watching the sailor admire himself, revealed a new surprise.

Overkill looked confused as Bennu appeared. She spoke with the voice of fire. “Overkill I have been proud of your work on my list but you must be more diligent and to show you our promise that your line will always have a red ribbon in your hair… Remove your helm.” Overkill in a startled stare took of the helmet and held it to his chest.

Bennu reached over and touched the dwarf. What once was silver hair suddenly sprout red. “Overkill I am the god of birth and rebirth. The patch of hair that I have touched will forever be red for both you and your descendents. All the children of Overkill will have this blessing for their entire life for the next seventy generations. The Redbeard family will know the blessing of the gods of light. In the future, you family will be called the children of light and will be known for their courage, faith and tenacity. Finish what we have charged you with and we will be with you in spirit. Mary will be protected by a legion of protectors until you return. Be more careful; the armor will protect you but will not resurrect you. The success of CrIsis is vital to Osiris and the rest of the gods of Light. These are our gift to you. Do not be idle in getting to Mishala.” She paused and gave a stern look,”trust me.”

Overkill bowed again low to the gods that had graced him with their presence and their gifts. The smile on his face was now beaming. Answers to his prayers gave him new vigor and he was eager to finish what Osiris had asked him to start.

Bennu spoke once again before leaving. :”Overkill those that share the load will be stronger for the experience. Tell CrIsis of your charge.”

“I will.”

Bennu left leaving Horus with the dwarf. “Perhaps this is the most rest you have received in days but you must wake now. Your companions are waiting for you to wake.”

Overkill jumped awake. Mary had a sad smile. “”Nice suit.” Overkill looked down and was startled and surprised that the suit was still there from the vision. Quickly he grabbed his hair and there was the red string of hair neatly braided where Bennu had touched him. He jumped to his feet and was all smiles. ”Tyvernos will soon be leaving, won’t he?” Mary had concern etched upon her face.

“Let them have him, he is of CrIsis. He has the courage of a lion”, then with a jesting tone ”and at one time the Headdress of one.” He winked at Tyvernos who was concerned about the attacks but now was smiling too.

“I saw what the gods gave you in your sleep.” She arose as well and buried her head into Overkill’s chest wrapping her arms. “Will we wait for Tyvernos’ return when he disappears?”

“Nope sweetheart. We got work to do. Come on team we’ve got to make haste. Tyvernos will join us and we will succeed.”

For the next hour while they broke up camp, Overkill would then take that time to tell the team about the list of people Bennu has commissioned him to find.

Written by Overkill on the 2nd of Majestic in the 2nd year of King Wilgan.

Picture from Paolo Cagampan.

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