A Simple Missive

A Slow Mail sent to a High Official


You old goat! It’s been almost ten years since I last sent a letter to you, and I have to say that it has been time well spent. I made a minor fortune, one I thought would keep me in my old age. Old Age! Ha!. Both of us grow old by this point. I think that you’ll leave this mortal coil long before I do, though.

I’ve often wondered if you weren’t trying to get me killed when you made the suggestion that I offer my services to Aescarion…but you already knew that.

I’ve begun adventuring again. As I have no idea when this will reach you, I don’t plan on telling you where I am. It would not help a message reach me. I’m on a pilgrimage of sorts so send your response to one of the temples of Light and I’ll eventually get it.

Why adventuring again at my age I hear you ask…well true you would be unlikely to ask that, especially since I’ve never received a response from you in the past, but if you were to respond, and if you were to ask, I’ll tell you.

I’ve been too long stable in one place. I spent so much time on the road that I know no other life. It suits me, this wandering from one place to another. I enjoy the uncertainty of it all. I love throwing myself into the darkness without care whether I should be lifted up or not.

Death, to me, is a lot like that. We have teachings of what it will be like, but no true knowledge until such time as we find ourselves there in that darkness. I suppose it is the only truly unexplored region for such as you and I.

Well, this is only meant to let you know I am still alive, as I know you never worried.

Asher, adherent of the Church of Light and Follower of Ra.

This missive was written while in the Yin Sloth Jungle on 12 Grekar during his 100th year of life. It was not sent until CrIsis’ return to Mishala and was sent via standard mail.

Image from Adventure Travel Trade Association

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