Affidavit Of One Father Indaris Excellar

This is the written testimony of Indaris Excellar – Priest of Isis,

CrIsis had just teleported into the antechamber set aside within Sekti-Abtu. It is the 28th of Thoth when we arrive with our now (as I write this) dead prisoner, one Sunder Blackrock, King of the Nimro Kingdom of Giants. Xerx’ses had been our leader since our group was split between Mack and Hannah creating a diversion and everyone else following the Minotaur wizard.

As events turned out from terrible to near catastrophic, I shall lay out how we came upon the now dead King Sunder Blackrock. We entered the armory and what was a situation that we had tackled many times in our trek here, quickly turned bad like a bar fight in Sulanok with pirates! Soon we were faced with 40 plus assailants and half (maybe just over half) of them were giants of differing breeds! Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, and Trolls were there support fighters making up the remaining 40 plus assailants. Most of our group fell into conveniently timed pairings to make sure none of us could be completely flanked. It all was a blur of motion between clouds of slumber from our side and theirs. Xerx’ses covering himself in glowing golden invulnerable energy as he had done for Mack. Then Ursus fell. While I hate to write it down to be fair and honest I must. Xerx’ses noticed out of the eyeslot of his enchanted helm and his casting hand shot into a bag he keeps spare change in. More importantly it was where he kept the Talismanic Coins he uses to keep the energy for a single Teleport if things get really bad. Even while taking abuse that would fell a Titan his head darted about and hints of magic words of power escaped the deathly din of the battle’s orchestral wail.

As though he had an Ace in the Hole of a card game he teleported everyone past the entire castle defenses into the throne room of King Sunder. We are alone with the King and Xerx’ses tries – very respectfully – to avoid insulting the giant king. I was hopeful when Pippin joined in stepping over Ursus’ fallen form as Xerx’ses stepped in front of me while I tried to pray for a sanctuary from the Great Lady of Heaven. Although, the fault in his plan was the INCREDIBLY HIGH RISK nature of the plan. He luckily shrugged off an Anti-Magic Cloud and then barely used another runic item to dispel the cloud. All the while trying to peacefully get the giant king to surrender the left arm of Osiris. He even offered to try and raise all the dead giants we had slain. I tried to support his claim verbally but at that moment I was and still am praying that it was a ruse to buy time for the dispelling of the cloud of magical nullification.

Once the giant king felt his protection from magic disappear a battle ensued straight away. From the Fire Giant king’s throne room Xerx’ses allowed himself to be hit byOsiris’ Left Arm so he could teleport the arm and all of us to Sekti-Abtu. When he felt it try to pull the giant king along he made the calculated choice to bring the Sunder Blackrock along with us. It is my opinion he decided all of us could take the Nimro down. Using his magic it should be note the ‘Golden Minotaur’ had a golden aura that allowed him to take the brunt of nearly all the damage during the raid.

In the antechamber, combat continue briefly as Acon used her powers of the mind to pull his dragon helm off. Shortly thereafter King Sunder Blackrock had continued but quickly realized he was out match and surrendered and allowed himself to be bound and restrained. He had dropped the arm and his sword. Xerx’ses is in possession of the sword and Ursus took possession of the left arm. The one called ‘No Name’ whom is also called ‘The Man With No Name’ then slipped between Xerx’ses legs and using the scythe he calls the Vindicator in an upward motion swing guts the chest, throat, and lower jaw of the now dead King Sunder Blackrock. I feel the giant kingdom may directly blame the Church of Light & Dark for the attack upon their king, and our faith is not the predominant faith in that land. Take from that what you will. When queried he blamed the giant for giving monster races everywhere a bad name. Xerx’ses then placed No Name under arrest and use a spell to hold him in place while I attempt to resurrect the Fire Giant king. It should have worked but didn’t. Xerx’ses tried using magic tapping his low reserves of magical energy. The Minotaur also said it should have worked but it didn’t. No Name had been grumbling in Western the entire time, however, I cannot in good conscience say whether or not he used his powers to lay spirits to rest in an obstructive manner. I left the room at that point to write this report while nearly depleted Xerx’ses sent ‘pigeon missives’ trying to prep our friends for a rescue attempt. It is also my hope to garner scrolls of teleport to aid in this rescue attempt.

I looked at the Agreement and at this moment Hannah and Mack are still listed on it as members of CrIsis! So, my concern is that they are in a situation the Gods feel is imminent foreshadowing of their death if the Troll’s presence is any indication. When I noticed our four companions were now signatures upon the Agreement I looked up and tried to find them but all of them are now either gone or summoned to report on their time with us.

OH MY, King Guy Campton is a name on the agreement now! He must have signed it after we left!!


Provided to the guards that come to arrest No Name on the 28th of Thoth in the 2nd year of King Guy of Timiro.

Pictures by our own AZ Rune.

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