After Action Report: 2nd Kym-Nark-Mar

Spoken quietly to her lance, Humara.

In conversation with Humara

Our group visited an inn at Tolosonya where I noticed that the innkeeper worshiped Thoth. There we made our plans as to where our team was to go next. We would take the mountain pass back to Avramstown, and then back to Seaholm for a voyage to Me’zfii Onh by boat. On the trail, we took time to hunt, and brought down three deer.

We also took time to relax with the members of our party playing instruments while I sang and danced.

The rest of our trip to Avramstown was uneventful, taking us three days to reach it. Once in Avramstown, we visited with the King and stayed at the palace. The next day, we split up in our different directions to achieve our own goals during our downtime from our travels. Most went to see the alchemist, while another group went to the pyramid. Gavin and I decided to go to the park, where I watched Gavin play tag with the children.

Much to our surprise we were ambushed. Arrows began to fly from two different directions. While I parried arrows with my shield, I made my way to Gavin as quickly as I could, as he too was under attack. Placing Gavin on my back facing away so that he could guard my rear, I continued to parry the arrows that came at us.

When a blow came to my rear that Gavin could not block, I found myself in need of kicking my attacker, which resulted in Gavin falling to the ground.

Gavin pulled a sword out of thin air, striking the one who was going for my rump. Our attackers decided that we were not as easy targets as they had thought, and retreated. I should make a note here, that our attackers were like myself: Centaurs. They were Anubis worshipers, and they cried out that we would fall before their god, Anubis.

The one I kicked, and Gavin struck with a sword, we took prisoner and brought back to the king. Presenting him before the king, he took the prisoner to be questioned.

The king was nice enough to allow Gavin and I to stand watch over the prisoner, but before we could do any real questioning, the centaur changed into Anubis and collapsed, melting in front of us.

We sat down with the king and his advisers. During the meeting, a Phoenixi appeared and declared that she would give protection to the king. During this meeting, the question about whether or not to permit the worship of the dark gods. In justice and fairness the king and his councilors decided against the outlawing of that practice. After the meeting our companions returned from the pyramid and Alchemist, and we were invited by the king to sit down to dinner.

At this time the Phoenixi looked upon the members of our group, with a special look for Cava, and confirmed that he had his own agenda, which I already had suspicions of.

Cava gained control of an Ankh, when he attempted to use it he disappeared.

I looked upon the Phoenixi and saw her in prayer. I decided to follow the Phoenixi’s example and decided to pray to her got, Bennu.

Bennu informed me that he is well, and that I should return my prayers to Thoth. When I looked up from my prayers to Bennu, I saw Greldarr leave the room. Curious about where our priest was going, I arose to follow.

Greldarr went forth from the dinning hall and from the palace and headed toward the pyramid, and I, in turn, followed. But when I reached the stairs, I found I did not know the names of Isis. I turned and asked for help from the members of the party who followed me and Greldarr to the pyramid.

Chip, desiring to help, teaches me the hundred names of Isis. Then I was able to follow Greldarr into the pyramid. We were greeted by a Wolfen priest and a Ramen at the top of the step. The Ramen informed us that Cava had returned. At this glad greeting I turned and galloped as fast as I could back to the dinning hall.

Cava informed us that he had been in Sekti-Abtu, and can return there for refuge with three other members at any given time.

The king then, to celebrate this news and the return of Cava, brought to the dining hall a group of women and men. Each one was a compatible race with each member of the party. The centaur male was beautiful to behold, and I welcomed his presence and walked with him out of the hall. It was not until the next morning when I emerged.

The next morning I went out the market, noting the problem I had at the park with losing Gavin off my back due to having to defend myself, I purchased a harness to keep me from losing my rider during a time of trouble. After which Gavin and I returned to the park so he could continue having fun with the children.

We began our traveling once again on the 25th day of Thoth. We sold our deer. We traveled from Avramstown to Seaholm. After we arrived in Seaholm, we visited the house of Oric Bellode, once again taking time to celebrate our safe journey. Another drinking contest ensued. Chip, in talking to Oric, asked for something called Paper, and Oric purchased 500 sheets. This is something new that I’ve never seen before. Once we have said our goodbyes, we began our voyage.

At Chip’s request, we weighed anchor not long into our voyage. We asked questions about why. Chip tells us we have stopped on a ley line and he begins to experiment on it. Chip disappeared and I sigh in frustration as once again another disappeared in thin air and I questioned whether this one as well would return in good health.

Chip then pointed southwest and said that their enemies lay in that direction over the Algor Sea.

Posted on the 2nd of Kym-nark-mar, in the 67th year of the Empire.

Picture by the amazing Brandrificus.

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  • A Great Militaristic style log…short, to the point, “Just the facts, Ma’am” style, reminds me of Raulf…

    • Raulf and Karma had a lot in common, actually.

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