Alone In A Crowd

Lost among Immortals


Your friend Overkill is an ass. I know that you were attempting to be low key and I and the rest of CrIsis blew it. I’ll explain.

After sailing for two weeks we landed in Mishala and expecting a quarter-master we met a beggar. He pissed me off. Here I expected some better control of the port and here he is. Well the hospitality of the team came out and they all gave to the man except me and the prick dared to spit on me; this after working out with Cava to have him and his maid servant and team healer stay on the ship.

Well this clown who spat on me after I give him some money disappears. Freaks me out; I thought the guy was more important than it turns out. Well… there’s more. Because the beggar was so casual with our minotaur we thought that the team could come into the town. Yea. That was a mistake; within seconds the city goes into riot and begin running from Xerx’ses and the rest of us. That beggar then shows up again and introduces himself to us, Sulyott, mage supreme (though he’ll deny it).

After then he asks us to follow us and while following this fellow (it pisses me off that I have to look for sources to find the pieces from such dicks) a new member of CrIsis magically appears. A… how can I put this, quarrel man with wings (I am still attempting to get used to this). Well between getting locked out and let in by the beggar we find out the guy (annoying human) is Sulyott. I understand you know him, I don’t know how you feel about him but anyway….

We never saw the quarter-master so we headed for the city attempting to find him only to find out from Cava later that the guy showed up and was paid for a day. Meanwhile we headed to a temple at my request. I wanted to donate some money and pay homage. As it turned out that there was no temple of Light and Dark but there was a temple of Dragonwright. Now I have seen the magnificence of Kym-nark-mar among other gods and I thought that he was a decent god and wouldn’t mind CrIsis being there.

I have to say that they really do well in decorating the place as it was laced with wealth that would of competed with the art and craftsmanship of the Dwarves; nice for humans and elves. I have to admit that I thought that it would be more of a cave or less ornate; truly I was wrong. When it comes to the gods, Thoth forgive me but, I have gained a high respect for Algor, Rurga, Kym-nark-mar and especially the gods of Light.

At any rate, we attempted to find information on the town and its leaders and as it turned out an Elf at the temple took a liking to our priest. While they were hitting it off we made sure to give them some space. Funny she was a real looker too. I don’t care how old elves get they can keep their looks for a long time. Well they set up a rendezvous and we headed toward the banking guild Karowyn’s. We talked and at it turned out that the guy I talked to was pretty cool. Well any way, we get a balance and head out.

We headed back to the ship where we are greeted by Cava and Iana. We catch up Cava and do our usual fireside chat knowing that we have to make it quick as we were invited to dinner with Sulyott. He seems to be ok; said that he was from a place between the Land of the Damned and the mountains. I am caught between thought, he seems ok but I was certain that nothing good came from that region of the continent.

At our dinner I finally was introduced to the elf woman and guest of Indaris, Nara Tureld. I don’t know what she does for a living but she has taking a real liking to him. It was while we were walking to dinner that Sir Quixis said that his “loins doth itch for [Nara]”. I am certain that the elf heard it but said nothing.

At dinner, we were introduced to Mikala from Mishala, the prime minister and it was there my big sin started. I revealed Rod Rambler to be you. It was an accident. You probably hate me, as now Mikala and Sulyott know your secret. Sulyott said that he suspected as such and both sworn to secrecy. Mikala told me that he stuck you once and that you haven’t forgiven him ever. He swears it was an accident. I am sorry that this is a scrambled letter. He also told us that the Gold Coast Trading Company was doing its own try outs and that they would be willing to help us get into the games in Lopan if we made our way to New Crests.

Cava and Iana made some arrangements for supplies and we lost it all after we launched that night (the first of Pegasus) when we were rushed by six ships. We escaped by teleporting to Aracho. It didn’t get much better because again the minotaur created a riot again. It was only Father Philip that calmed their spirits.

So here I am at candle light writing this letter hoping that you will forgive us for being brash and stupid. I still wonder why the gods chose us. I can’t keep the secrets of the gods and it comes as no wonder why when in the ship a feather attacked us for asking questions about the gods and where the pieces are. Sulyott, I suspect, knows where the pieces are and under oath to the gods will not tell us for now where the pieces are. Do the gods know this? Sure they do. Sure they do.

I am terrified. What else do I not know?

Written by Overkill on the 2nd of Pegasus in the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from Mel Anoma.

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