Asher’s Prayer

Ra, God of light, hear me,

I am lost in a wilderness of mortal and immortal creation. The darkness encroaches upon us that bear the torch of Isis here below. Through our inattention we have brought low the design that you have put before the Church.

An Agent comes to torture and rend that which you have consecrated. I seek not to counsel you. Your ways are not mine, and so I will accept the path before me. I seek merely to understand why this path is laid before us.

Is it we, the members of CrIsis who are weak? Have we failed you so that you are delivering us up to our enemies?

I will not allow despair to claim me, I will not become bogged down in the petty selfish concerns that seem to be crippling my companions. All life comes to an end, this I know. While it is tragedy for a child to be lost so young, they are now without pain in that life to come.

Do we therefore heap upon ourselves tragedy after tragedy in the name of revenge? Do we cry unto the gods about how life is not fair? I do not do this, Ra, god of justice.

In all my years following you, I have considered your precepts to apply to me and me alone. In this moment, however, I realize that some in this world have called down upon their heads righteous judgment. This Agent of the Dark seeks to subvert all to the will of Set, the will of Bes, and the will of Anubis.

In the past members of this group have been a gateway for evil into the soul of the Light. No more will I allow despair, hopelessness, weakness, or any other base emotion to prevent me from seeking out the light.

I have been reborn a warrior in your cause. I am no longer the Old David that I was for most of my life. I seek to submit this world to your judgement. This world has been found wanting. No more should those who accept and follow the light be persecuted by thy followers.

No more will Darkness and Evil be permitted a place among us.

I seek of you a new Name. Remake me in your image. I will be your scythe in this field of wheat. I will be your captain. I will be your sword arm.

But I will not take this glory upon myself.

I have served you as I understood you should be served to this point and through my entire life.

Now I will serve as you wish. I will be your Agent here below. Command me Ra, and justice be thine.

Written on a parchment and burned by Asher on the 2nd day of the 4th month of his 99th year.

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