Assistance, Please!

In Humility

Dear Master Falimede!

death-01It is a shame we’ve still not met! I have heard much about you, from reading the Journals and from my travel companions. We have gone through a lot since the dealings with the libraries fell through, and there is something I must tell you! Poor Aesyl has been claimed by Bennu’s Fury. A rogue tornado tore through our camp, and though we were able to save some of our travel companions, there were those among us that were unsaveable, unfortunately.

As a fellow Knowledge hunter, I feel your pain. The possibility for growth all around was stifling, and to be torn away before it even began… Well, I have two books that the Librarian gave me, written in Olde Dwarvish. They are Tomes of Magic, though, so you probably wouldn’t be interested in them the way my Guild would be, though I will probably keep them for myself.

There is something I would ask of you, though. CrIsis stumbled upon a Dragon’s Egg while walking through the desert. I have taken care of it, protecting it from privateers and thieves, but I feel I am hopelessly out of my depth when it comes to raising it. I don’t even know if this being is still alive, or if it’s perished due to my ignorance. I heard, while studying at the guild, that Dragon’s Eggs take a few weeks to a few months to hatch, and that they need to be kept warm. They also said that the eggs were the size of a human, though this egg is only the size of a large Eastern Kingdoms’ Watermelon.

Could you please send me the information that you have recorded at the Library on Dragons? I would appreciate all of the information that I could get in regard to them, for raising one, or in general.

I am planning on leaving CrIsis for half a year, so that I do not slow or hinder the progress of the Quest in pursuit of new knowledge. I plan on becoming an Alchemist. There are some base skills I need, and I am severely lacking in one area. I need to learn the mysteries of Wards and Enchantments that being a Diabolist holds. I will search for a Diabolist or Alchemist in Troker to teach me; though if the man is evil, I will have to return to the Guild in White Ash. If this is the case, Nipshanks will write to me directly, and I will forward any information I receive from him to you, and ask that you forward it on to CrIsis. I know that I ask much of you, but I do not know who else I could rely upon.

We recently – oh lord, it’s been only one day; one long, draining day! – found that we were being tracked by the Tri-Arcanum Guild in the city of Wisdom. More precisely, the members of CrIsis that affiliated themselves with the guild were being tracked. This brought up some very troubling questions, though I knew through my work at the White Ash that Guilds are very… strict and discerning. They will let almost anyone in to study, though you will be escorted and allowed to a limited selection of tomes. Those that ally and apply to the guild are allowed a smidgeon of extra free reign in the guild, and are allowed to tell people of their association with the Guild. However, to TRULY be a member of the guild, you must pass their tests. There are even some Masters of the Mystical Arts that are as discerning of their students.

There was a Summoner in the White Ash that was one such. He was a bit more vicious than most, and had dabbled in some Diabolism, and had studied some mystic arts from a race that he only refered to as ‘’the Shazni.’’ He inscribed into the flesh of those that wished his teaching a rune of Location and a rune of Vision. He would then monitor the movements of the applicants. Some he accepted soon after, others he monitored for years. There was another Master, a Wizard, that would set problems in the paths of those he wished to groom, and only after those problems were discovered and resolved would he confront them about higher learning.

!(media-item-align-right)!When I found the Location Tiles in the bags of some of our Group Members, and explained the symbol of the three coming together to become one, my mind went directly to those two Masters of Magic. I saw that this could also be evil hands on our shoulders and eyes on our backs, but I don’t believe it was wholly evil. I even brought up my opinion before the group, but they understandably did not accept it. I don’t blame them. We have the Agent that somehow knows our whereabouts, and we have information being passed. They are jumping at shadows, which isn’t to say that there’s nothing lurking in those same shadows. Xerx’ses was nominated to write a missive to the Guild, inquiring of the tiles. I am afraid he’s going to talk of their evil, which might offend the Masters of the Guild. But, they’ll see that we were diligent, and resourceful.

I look forward to any information you can send my way, and in your debt as always.
Power to Osiris, Glory to Ra.

>>A magic pigeon sent Kym-nark-mar 4th in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, from Azariel, Apprentice Alchemist. Acolyte of Osiris and the Lady Luck.<<

First Picture Credit: E of Dreams .com
Tile Picture Credit: Gaitkeeper
Second Picture Credit: TUMBLR!

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