Family Revealed

The vision of death is a harsh one. The last thing remembered was it slowly going black before seeing a brilliant light. Before me were the heavenly gates and a field of powerful magnitude. Before me was the god Horus in all his fiery glory, smiling.

Overkill was dead. Again.

Horus smiled in his direction. “Dead so soon? Overkill you really should be more careful.”

The young sailor shook his head. “So this is my final resting place?”

Horus’ smile grew into a laugh. “Young mortal your fight for Osiris has just begun. You swore an oath to three gods and now you will swear one to me. My adapted father must be rebuilt; reborn and you still have it in you to do it. After all the seer of the Redbeard Clan didn’t know what they saw when they spoke of a sailor that would be of the sons of Owasso the Pirate (see the log The Betrayal). This is why your father didn’t want you to ever be the sailor that you are today. While many thought that it might be another, you were chosen by Isis to bear the task because you had what Osiris wanted, a sailor that had heart and character, who knew both the good and bad of being a sailor and servant of the gods.”

Overkill looked blankly at the god. “What seer? How long have you known this? When was I going to be told?”

The sphinx just smiled broadly. “Your father never told you because he didn’t want you gallivanting off on some crazy seer crusade. Your father is a good dwarf but Isis has other plans for the family that will be yours. Your new instructions are to go back to mortality and finish what you started. Pass the legacy of Overkill to your beloved and your daughter.”

Overkill wrinkled his face in confusion. “Daughter; what daughter?”

The god laughed. “Goodbye dwarf. The answers you seek are in the mortal realm. Ask your lovely Mary that I have watched over. There is a reason why she still resides in the Goldenbeard kingdom of Northolme. Keep your eye on the prize and all will be rewarded, Master Red Dwarf.
First the formality. Swear you will continue to serve the gods of light and honor our names.”

The dwarf bowed to one knee “Yes”.

The scene went dark for Overkill.

The sailor opened his eyes. The shock of pain that ran like fire in his lungs from the Slayers work came back to him. Surrounding him was his friends, allies, and family.

Experienced by Overkill on the 24th of Corg, in the 23nd year of King Bafag.

Picture from Sabra Hart.

2 Responses to “Awakenings

  • Even to the Gods, Overkill dying all the time is a joke. Or maybe they came up with the joke and will stop it once they have had enough enjoyment.

  • Overkill wrote this himself,because for him dying just meant resurrection- he was trying to change.

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