A great loss has occurred, and I, Malkin Falimede, am in mourning. I have chosen to write this log to ease the burdens on the group CrIsis. I have chosen the typeface and background to honor the fallen.


I still cannot believe it… the most beloved, nicest, most HUMAN (coming from an elf) member of the group, gone…

Swept off the boat, with only a scream to warn the others, during his late night watch by a sea serpent only described as large, dark, and fast… Chip tried to save him, diving to his maximum depth, but the creature went deeper, faster. The rest of the group dove in as well, but had not the tolerance for the depths….

I cannot believe that Bexx is gone. I will hold a silent memorial today, shut away from my beloved library, to mourn a man I barely knew…

Isis did not save one of her own… Who can explain the Gods?

I cannot write any more… I am too distraught.

Posted by Malkin Falimede on the 24th day of Grekar, in the 340th day of the Dominion.

Picture by AlexaMeyer


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