Bounty Hunters

No Price Too High

In response to the log A Time of Need.

To General Mordox:
From General Skred:
Concerning: Meeting with King Gedro:

King Gedro would publicly welcome a meeting- how could he not, with CrIsis being almost as legendary as the Defilers themselves. However, sources, such as an unnamed acquaintance of yours, tells of a high bounty on your head. It is not at all safe for you here, and the man previously mentioned said even he was moving up to the Western Empire to look for you- he said money is more important than a dead source. Rumor has it that the reward is anything on your person, plus 1 million! You are not safe!

The druids have moved to the Land of the South Winds, with your parents.

Posted by Skred Uryte on the 26th of Selestra in the 9th Year of that scum-sucking King Gedro- is he better than that monster Manus?

Picture by GKnight 13.

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  • Come talk to me when it’s 2 Mil and multiple countries

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