Captain’s Log



Captains log,
I, Captain Overkill am leaving the ship Red Beard to my first mate, Minischmee, until I return. I have tossed and turned over this decision all night. The vision is still vivid. It would seem that the Gods have other things in store for this young dwarf and the success of his companions. I have ordered my officers to show no recognition of me until I am ready to return as my new life quest is very dangerous and may put those that I call comrades in grave danger. I have decided to tell no one in the family at home in Bizantium. I know that it will be hard for my little sister especially. I can only pray that I return. My parents will understand when I tell them all but for now I am a lost ship at sea tossed by the Gods. Only my officers know what is to transpire but I have omitted certain parts and keep them from the logs for the same reason that I do not tell my family. I want them to survive the changes that are coming. The world will be better if we succeed, however if we fail… I dare not think about it. Perhaps its best that I change my name and appearance to insure our survival and success. My distrust for humans must be put aside for now for the sake of the whole world. This is my last log (for now).

Captain Overkill

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