Escape Foiled

Captain Overkill of CrIsis-

I am being allowed to write this letter by the forgiveness and understanding of his Royal Highness, King Bafag, at the behest of his Holiness, Horoth Wavestrider. I was caught, along with all of our clan, trying to escape Sinza, and our beloved ship, the Red Beard. I am sorry cousin, but they outnumbered us, and if there had not been so many innocent family members, including your parents, I would have fought back. At this point I am glad that I did not.__

His Holiness, Horoth Wavestrider, high priest of Algor convinced the king to release the rest of the clan, and to allow me to send one message to you. After your first letters I had considered my faith, and decided to become more active in the Church of Light and Dark, and turned away from piracy. As you know, I and the crew of the Red Beard have been working with the Lamrith clan as a merchant ship carrying goods between Bizantium and the Wolfen Empire. Oh, and the Lamrith clan is now an official member of Bizantium again. Well, I had befriended a priestess of Isis in our small temple on Sinza. Mr. Wavestrider tells me that she waits for me here in Bizantium City, and she has been allowed to visit, if only once, accompanied by his Holiness.

My point is, our people are safe. His Holiness was visited by Algor, he tells me, the day that my beloved Christine (the priestess) visited him, telling of both our clans plight and my own. She also brought other news. It turns out that there is a Pyramid of Osiris being built minions of the Gods of Light in Sinza! Mr. Wavestrider has succeeded in releasing the rest of the clan- only I am left in jail.

I am told that I will be released after you and the rest of CrIsis meet with King Bafag. I know not why- I am just relaying what was said. The good news is that the clan is back safe in Sinza. Be safe, cousin…

Sent by Minischmee on the 28th of Grekar, in the 23rd year of King Bafag.

Picture from Dragon Age.

2 Responses to “Captured!

  • Another call for help, albeit under duress, for CrIsis. On the outset seems be a trap. Cunning ploy by those that seek audience with CrIsis.

    • 4 long years that Minischmee has been fighting for the Light…

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