Cava, We Love Your Service

Keep It Up

Canver Twistrain and the other members of so-called CrIsis-

It is good of you to give us such a fine bowyer! Nath will serve our cause well, as his skills should serve the side that triumphs, don’t you think? Just wanted to remind you that we are far from done with your service to us, and you have served us so well! Making sure that Robert the Just and Chip were eliminated, guiding us to Nath, letting us infiltrate the leadership of Lemaria by removing the Shimring- you have done well.

Give this message to CrIsis-

Even one of your own is no match for our simple missions. The one you know as Oric Bellode is now in our possession. We have left Tyvernos to ponder his failure! He chose poorly, not coming to join us when he had the chance! He will suffer as all of you do!

The Dark Will Triumph!
The Agent

Sent Thoth 4th, 111.

Picture of Cava from the player himself, charred.

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