Cava’s Prayer

The other side of the story.

My Lady Isis, Goddess of Light and salvager of my soul. On bended knee do I, thy unworthy son, approach thee with heavy heart, for I must again pray for guidance about the one called Rell.

His self-righteousness is extreme, and his hypocracy without limit. Rell is supposed to be CrIsis’ peacemaker; instead he is CrIsis’ spoiled six-year-old who doth stand in sore need of a spanking.

He is rude and unpleasant to all, but especially so to the Centaur. The snide remarks and underhanded digs he doth direct at her do set my teeth on edge. She is a Paladin and a lady, and should be treated with greater respect.

He did turn his back on CrIsis in its moment of need, and then rashly complicated the situation by throwing himself into harm’s way without telling anyone his intentions.

Despite this betrayal of our trust, he doth feel entitled to unilaterally direct the group, and doth throw temper tantrums whenever anyone disagrees with him.

Over anything.

No matter how insignificant.

Several times, he has refused to participate in group votes because he was offended because someone held a dissenting opinion.

He takes all these things personally, and doth hold a grudge, cradling each perceived slight to his chest like an injured child and refusing to let it go even after an apology has been given.

Then there was today…

My lady, when he did run towards that skeleton to seize the enchanted sword from its grasp, none of us knew what its properties were. He gave not a second’s thought to what repercussions his actions could have had on himself or the group.

And when I ran forward to save him from himself, he deliberately ran ahead, almost as if to ensure I would be caught in any trap he sprang as he grabbed the sword.

I am not proud of it, my Lady, but my temper did flare. I did resolve to give this miscreant the swift kick in the butt he so sorely deserved. To my surprise, he attempted to parry me with the sword! He could have used his naked hand, but he used the sword!

The enchanted sword!

Whose properties he didn’t know!

My lady, I was so sick and tired of his bad attitude making everyone uncomfortable, and his ill-considered, short-sighted decisions putting everyone, including himself, in danger, that I did kick his buttocks with as much force as I could muster.

Which was considerable.

I apologized to Rell afterward, but of course, the little jerk is squealing like a stuck pig about how I murderously attacked him without provoc…

That is, my Goddess, I do sorely repent of my actions. It was a moment of weakness and I ask thy forgiveness.

Nevertheless, I feel Rell has become a danger to himself and the group.

My Goddess, I plead with thee for thy assistance, for without thee we are lost; adrift like children in a maelstrom.

Posted by Cava on the 19th of Grekar, in the 341st year of the Dominion.

Picture by charred

3 Responses to “Cava’s Prayer

  • He talks about temper-tantrums but it seems he is throwing his own here, BUT to his Goddess. I hope he didn’t get a response for this type of behavior.

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