Childhood Heroes

29th Kym Nark Mar
Dear Mum and Dad
How you all, I hope everything is going well back at the farm. I know I haven’t written for a while now but things have gotten a bit hectic here, but during all of it I have managed to make some new friends, and yes mother they are rich and have influence, in fact enough to say that I’m going to the Lopanic games, and what’s more I am going to be an entrant, well I’m trying out and either way will be at the games. It is going to be very exciting there so I promise i will send at least 2 letters from there if I can. However that is not the only news I have, we had been sailing for a bit as one of my new friends seems to be an accomplished sailor and enjoys being out on the open sea’s and we landed at a town in the Jungles called Mishala. This was a very pretty little seaside town that we docked at, and even though we had a little bit of an issue with the locals not being as friendly as we hoped at the start and a rather strange beggar at the docks we were deemed important (well my friends were) enough to warrant an escort to the local person of much importance, and I know little Talia isn’t going to believe this but we were introduced to The Great Sage, Sulyott the All-Knowing himself, just like out of the stories Mudd used to tell us. Sulyott himself even said hello to me and invited us to tea with the Prime Minister of the Town and we were to have seats of Honour at the table with Sulyott. Yes Mother I made sure I was wearing my best clothes, yes I washed behind my ears, yes my clothes were clean, yes i had bathed. What’s more I met I nice young Lady there as well. We had time before The Dinner so we decided to look around a bit. Whilst doing so I met a very nice young Lady on her way to church. We struck up a conversation and I ended up inviting her to Dinner with us. After a little bit of shopping for the Dinner we cleaned ourselves up and I presented myself to the young Lady and escorted her to the Dinner. She is wonderful, she is tall, has blonde hair and the bluest of eyes you could ever see. She comported herself beautifully at the Dinner and we danced and it felt as if we were flying. The others then sat around talking with Sulyott and the Prime Minister until it was late and we had to leave.

I escorted My Lady home but she was restless so we went for a walk on the beach in the Moonlight and stayed up late talking. I am going to have to see if she wants to come for a Visit. Her Father is a successful Fisherman as he owns his own boat, and her mother is a Herbalist, and shows a lot of interest in the strange plants that grow in the Jungle. I know mother that you were always worried about me finding the right girl, but i think I have, unfortunately the Lopanic games is going to keep me away from her for too long, but it’s a once in a lifetime chance and I am going to go for it with both hands.
Father I also haven’t forgotten about the Dwarven Quality plough I was going to get you, thankfully one of my new friends is a Dwarf so he should be able to steer me in the right direction.

Your dutiful Son
Indaris Excellar

p.s. I have made it back to Timiro so if you need anything of me Just send a letter to the Church of Light in Aracho and ask for Father Phillip. he will be able to forward it on to me at the Lopanic Games.

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