Cold Winds, Tide Moves In

Shivers in the salty air

Entry #133

We continue to wait on the Shield of Light to complete repairs here in the Two-Axe Tribe‘s city of Whitewater. Despite all the misfortune that has recently befallen my friends they are all in good spirits.

We’ve been spending our nights in a tavern called The Wet Wolf. It’s run by a Wolfen named Ta’ko. Every night he allows Grignak, Willy, and Merkl to put on a… show that draws in a massive crowds. Grignak’s performance especially is done in Lady Bast‘s name. I think if we stayed her long enough he could probably turn this place into a temple to Her.

Grignak’s faith and fervor have been rewarded! Great Osiris Himself spoke with Grignak. He told our priest how the curses on both Merkl and Ursus could be lifted. Very troubling though was that Grignak was told my “curse” could not be easily undone. I was obviously confused when Grignak told me that. The rest of CrIsis proceeded to tell me that I was cursed to be a Goblin!

Normally I would say this was absurd. Part of me still wants to say it. Surely it must be their minds that were affected by Jar’Eth. But this was the word of a God. Is everything I remember a lie? Are my memories of my life among the Kankoran a falsehood? What is real? Why would the Goblin King curse me with a false life and a bad haircut?

Ursus received a brief message back from Ansa. I’m glad the children were returned safely as promised. But the news of my curse troubles me. I will meditate on this.

Entry #134

I have not yet mentioned that Torrun has been working in the Wet Wolf’s kitchen as a cook. The quality of the food has improved greatly- as expected from him. Someday I hope to spend some time with him learning how he prepares meals so professionally. I have always prided myself on my own cooking ability but compared to him I’m just an amateur.

Tonight Torrun arrived late. He brought another Gnome with him. She seemed surprised at the scene in this bar-turned-improvised-strip-club. He was able to convince her to stay long enough to try one of his meals. Torrun has a way with people like that sometimes. She sat on a bunch of books and other bric-a-brac in order to reach the bar. Ursus stood at the bar near her. He looked like he was really paying close attention to all the patrons. Something to do with his divine powers involving monogamy I believe. I saw him talking with Black Thunder earlier – I wonder if that was for the same reason?

Willy eventually noticed her and tried to talk with her. Hilariously this made her leave. I don’t know what happened after that but the next time I saw her and Willy she seemed okay with him. I think they’ve actually started dating. Her name is Major Kitty Schlicker. She has a riding eagle too, named Twilight Shadow. Willy invited her to sail with us. She is already under contract to another ship though and won’t break it.

Torrun and Ursus found out something interesting. The Whitewater City Council apparently made some sort of deal with the Church of the Dark here in the city. They couldn’t find out what that deal was. It seems like that might help explain why our time here has been so peaceful.

Nothing seems off in my memories so far. Out of everyone in CrIsis I should be able to spot if something is wrong with my memories. Right?

Entry #136

Today is the 18th of Set. We have said farewell to Whitewater and set sail for Me’zfii Onh. Grignak doused Merkl in barrels of holy water down in the chapel once we pulled out. To everyone’s relief he smells so much better. Praise Osiris and the Gods of Light for this blessing.

Entry #138

Willy was surprised to see his girlfriend Kitty today! The ship she’s on is a Bizantium vessel headed home. The reunion didn’t last long. Her ship was faster than ours. It passed us and left us behind before the end of the day.

I should write to Rolling Hills. I miss her greatly. But until I figure out what is wrong with me I am afraid to reach out to her. This is something I need to solve before I talk with her again.

Entry #140

Today we were attacked by Sea Demons! While we looked for survivors of a wrecked ship monstrous tentacles tried to wrap around our ship and crush us. We were able to repel the monster and escape. Grignak especially helped to turn the tide of battle with magnificent battle prowess. Because of him when we disengaged the creature from the ship it became food for the others in the area. This freed us to flee safely with only minimal damage to the Shield of Light.

Entry #142

While we sailed the cold northern ocean we spied a rare sight off in the distance. Two Ice Dragons fought to the death over the icy land we sailed past. Ursus had a tense moment when his weapon tried to compel him to fight. Torrun managed to talk him down from leaping off the boat and swimming to them! Eventually one Dragon won. It roared in triumph and flew away out of view.

I am beginning to think the Wolfen in Whitewater were right about this winter. There doesn’t seem to be nearly as much snow as there should be for this time of year. But it’s certainly been cold enough. This just might be a Coyle Winter. How fitting that this year’s Wolfen Empire anniversary will be a Killer Winter, just like the one that formed our nation those years ago.

Entry #144

Isn’t it a bit too convenient? In my memories the Kankoran took me in and raised me as one of my own. But why? I can’t actually remember an answer to that question. After days of introspection and meditation I think I may have finally found evidence of the truth Great Osiris told Grignak. How did I end up with the Kankoran? Surely I wasn’t born there. My memories start to get hazy when I think about my parents. Why did they take me in? I might have found the limit to what Jar’Eth’s magic could affect in my mind. These memories… no longer feel right. I still don’t remember the truth but I know it’s out there.

Maybe once I find that out, I’ll find out how I ended up with this haircut. It’s been no help in these cold winds.

Entry #145

Last night Ursus and Grignak held a ceremony to Khonsu under the full moon. The God approved by shining moonlight upon Ursus. This transformed him back into full bear form as Great Osiris promised. Blessed be the Gods of Light and their power!

Our good friend Malkin finished his research! He sent a letter to us letting us know. He’s returned to Bletherad. I don’t know when we’ll be able to return there. Our current path takes us further from the Great Library every passing day. Maybe once we know our own path better we can ask him to meet us somewhere? He’s done that for us before. I don’t want to impose upon him too much though. He’s already done so much!

Entry #146

Today is the 5th of Od. We finally arrived at Me’zfii Onh. We anchored in the bay instead of pulling into port. The docks were too crowded with smaller boats. We had to take our own rowboats to shore. One of the crew went with us and rowed the boats back. This town was packed past overflowing with people!

They were dressed poorly for the cold weather. It seemed as if their clothes were worn and old. They made room for us to pass though. Once they recognized Ursus and Grignak they began to get upset. It seemed as if they blamed us for their condition! Ursus and Torrun led the way to where we could try and help them. He and some of the others gave them gold. These people told them there was nothing left to buy – gold was worthless. There was no food, no animals left to hunt, and no supplies left for them in this town. They told us again it was our fault they were like this. That we destroyed their home.

“Which one?” Torrun asked them innocently. They became angy at the question. I don’t know if they were angry we didn’t know the answer or if they were angry that it seemed as if we destroyed homes regularly. Finally they told us they were from the Sovereignty of Terosh. That place where Xerx’ses transformed himself in order for us to survive. A few members of CrIsis took their money back angrily -but not everyone.

We stormed away angrily. I wonder if the others in CrIsis were considering Xerx’ses sacrifice and transformation. How could these people be so ungrateful? At least one member of CrIsis voiced that these people were raiders and deserved this fate. I’m not sure what to think. Regretfully I became fixated on the fact that these people did not recognize me as a member of CrIsis from that time, like they did Ursus and Grignak. I was there too! This was more proof that Jar’Eth’s magic warped my body and my mind. These weren’t enough cracks yet for me to see the truth His magic concealed. But now I had more confirmation. Now I knew – I should not be Silent Dream the Goblin.

We passed through the town quickly. More refugees were camped on the other side. Fires flared up among their makeshift tents as we passed through. Fires… which were not accidental. I could sense that clearly. In the panic we came under attack! But by who or what? Everytime I looked all I could see were innocent bystanders. No attackers. Just the fires and the panicked crowds. Then I felt cold steel and a weakening numbness. Poison! What was happening?


Note: These excerpts are from Silent Dream’s journal. They were written in Elven, on parchment paper between the 10th of Set and the 5th of Od, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire and the first year of the Kingdom of Koris Gwaisol.

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7 Responses to “Cold Winds, Tide Moves In

  • Love the introspection from Dream- a great balance of official log and personal revelation.

  • “These weren’t enough cracks yet”…Seems to be some correlation with the transformation of the Labyrinth and his “revelations”. Maybe the NEW Goblin King could offer some help…

    • Good idea! I’ll have to ask him in a couple hundred years, once he’s started to figure his new role out and finally get his realm under control. But right now it’d be like asking someone who just started vocational training on becoming an auto mechanic to rebuild my engine this weekend. Xerx’ses is in the deep end without a life preserver or lifeguard and he doesn’t need these distractions while he learns how to swim and survive the sharks.

      • He’s not wrong I am barely functional at the end of the log in question.

      • Wow, you went full Nerd at that explanation didn’t you. I was just making an “Ursus” comment.

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