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The Gods Gifts

CrIsis is more than each of its parts- I have seen them work together as a team, an entity. However, those days seem to have passed. With all of the changes in the group recently, it seems disjointed, lost.

Prose is lost on me, as if the same curse of indecision is affecting me as well. I should try and explain, and hope that Isis or one of the other Gods of Light do not strike me down for blasphemy.

CrIsis had succeeded in assisting Jidian Kulder and the rest of the Legion of Northmoor in securing the Glaive of the Old Ones, this is true, but at the cost of two lives! A strange thing had happened upon entering that Stone Tower- the Titan, Vandur had left, rushing outside, with nary a word to CrIsis. When we came back outside, there he stood, but not for long.

A Holy man of Osiris came rushing up, screaming like a banshee! “VILLAIN, THOU HAST BEEN FORSAKEN BY GOD. I HAVE BEEN SENT TO SMITE THEE!”

Now, you would think, after facing an Arch-Fiend, a number of Dragons, and Anubis himself, CrIsis would have stopped this stranger- yet they stood, watching, as the Holy Crusader swung his giant flail and cleaved the poor Titan in two. There would be no resurrection possible from that blow. Perhaps the others in CrIsis thought he was justified- if so, I hope never to anger them. That was now the 3rd death of the day, but the first one that was permanent.

Why, you might ask, did I stay my hand? I fear the vengeance of my lady Isis, who asked me to help and chronicle CrIsis, but was clear in one thing. “You must never guide them. Help them, answer questions for them, but this is their quest, and they are chosen. You have only been chosen to help tell their story.” So, I again stayed mum, and did not act. Navelo, the Holy Crusader, later said that Bennu herself had commanded that Vandur be slain. Had I stepped in to block the blow I might now be a new pet for Anubis. He also said that Bennu had shown him a vision of the current war between Dark and Light. ”She showed me the war that is fought on your behalf! I saw Ramen and Phoenixi die fighting minions of the Dark, and Apis, in her bull form, charging Ammit. I saw Set himself deal a heavy blow to Horus. I saw Isis and Anubis locked in combat. Most of all, I saw blood and carnage. When done with the glimpse I saw that the goddess Bennu, she of so much strength, was crying. ‘Remind them of the sacrifice we are making to help them succeed. Too many of my children, my friends, have died, to help protect CrIsis. Tell them to show their gratitude. Remind them of all that we have given. Tell them to give more, to pray more’ ” So then, as Bluto said, Navelo led all of us in prayer.

I contemplated what had been said. I know that Isis had gifted me with much, and for this I have tried to be generous. I had my voice, my gift of music, my hand with prose, my magic bo staff- yes, I have been blessed. Compared to CrIsis, though, well, I was poor in comparison. From conversation and the books about them I have found out the following have been gifted to CrIsis from the Gods of Light. Each of them, of course, have the Eternal Torch Ring, and have earned more treasure than anyone since the legendary Defilers. Also, they have been given many scrolls of Osiris, straight from the Gods of Light!

Overkill– 3 magic swords, and the rune sword Callandor. Captaincy of the magic ship Matilda. 3 Magic rings, including one that can call the legendary Star Mage. Not to mention the love of the good dwarf Mary and their Child. Resurrected 4 times!

Cava– Both Inas the magic bow, and Thor-ak the rune axe. The Sun Disc Amulet. The mysterious Shimring, plus 5 other magic rings! Resurrected once.

GavinFlorius the magic bow, and the legendary Eledor. 2 sets of Magic Armor. His amazing array of mental powers. Not to mention the love of the good woman Morgan and their Child. Resurrected once.

TyvernosScepter of Apis and the magic trident, the Fulmination of Greminor. 3 magic rings. Command of the powers of wind. The noble dog Otto. Only member of CrIsis to not die with at least 18 months service.

RogganStaff of Stonelight. The Amulet of Sunsight which allows him to see. Power over the earth itself. The magic rock Bluto. 2 resurrections in one day!

Navelo– While he has just joined today, he is already blessed. He wields the horseman’s flail Justice and has the majestic horse Bucephalus.

Since joining CrIsis back in Bizantium seemingly an age ago, (actually, only 4 months ago) I have seen Ferrel, Karma, and Vandur slain or banished by order of the Gods. Now a Holy Crusader stands among CrIsis- I hope I stay away from vengeance myself. Once I longed to be a part of CrIsis, and while they have been blessed with much, their burdens are even greater. I have seen too much death- I wonder if they have the strength to prevail. I also am curious to see how long this new member, Navelo, stays. Will he participate fully, and add to the unity of CrIsis, or be yet another short-lived member?

Composed by Terramore Gleba.
Submitted On the 19th of Majestic in the 22nd year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II

Image from Floortje.

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