Cyrus Far’zan, Ours

Come Home to Us Xerx’ses


It is good to have one such as you serve us so well! Ingenious how you dropped the Flail when it came time for you to complete your service. We are proud that you have shown surprise at all that you knew was coming. Now we have taken your Stepfather to make weapons for us until you have fulfilled your end of the bargain- surrender yourself, the others in CrIsis, and the two parts of Osiris.

Your good friend and tribe member, Groun’na, as well as his followers, were instrumental in the defeat of the remnants of your tribe. He has brought 10, including Volga and Ca’zan, and has convinced Zii’clymnt to join the winning side as well. You were right in bringing Groun’na to our attention. He will serve us well. Unfortunately, your mother, Darakh’zan foolishly believed in Isis until the end, so she is gone.

Now that your work is done, it is time for you to join us. Come to Çynopolis, bringing the pieces of Osiris that you have. Bring the skull of Overkill with you. I am sure that our friends Cava and Azariel will come with you- if not, slay them as well.

The Dark Will Triumph!
The Agent

Sent Thoth 17th, 111.

Picture of Rostam Stonemace from the amazing El-Grimlock.

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