Day Two of the Library

Tomorrow will be two days before mom’s birthday. I have been on the open sea for over ten years and I have never felt more alone then I do now. I have changed so much in the last few days searching for Osiris and I never thought that this would happen. It turns out that the much admired Jason the Pirate had one of the pieces of Osiris. Rumor was that he had it but it was just a myth. Why would one of, well, us(?) want a finger? I am going to go see a holy site of pirates to see if his horde includes the much desired finger.

The constellations are especially bright tonight and I was going to be going to dinner with the Defiler Malkin tonight but I am grateful that things changed and I got to go out with a wolfen named Rrggrllaph. We talked about home and I sense that he could tell if I was telling the truth so I kept it as honest as possible. I am certain that he knew that I was withholding things but… you know no powers and such.

I still wonder why Osiris wants me to look for him. I am a simple dwarf with no real talent in hunting for Gods. I would expect that this task would have gone to someone more like the wolfen Greldarr that we came across today. Now there is a fellow of the faith. I still get impressed by their loyalty to elven kind and their ability to keep their cool in conflict. I saw them in combat once while traveling to the Eastern Territories. Its hard to believe that they are a sea faring people then again I am a sea faring dwarf so anyone could be.

I got a chance to corner that jolly guy Chip and ask him what he was but he avoids the question like the western plague of ’68. It is starting to bother me about what he really is. I am certain that there will be more brought to light.

Posted by Overkill on the 7th day of Grekar in the 22nd year of King Bafag.

Wolfen drawing by PocketNinja

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