Dearest Nippy

The Job

Dearest Nippy-

Watch your tongue when addressing your betters, whelpling! Remember the sortie into the Freelands? Yeah, I thought so. Ha hah! It is good to see that freedom hasn’t gone to your head. (I think sarcasm dripped onto the page there. Sorry for the blot.)

We need as much information as you can send us about this disappearance! Old Father Lamriel, I fear for his life. I am not sure that his frailty will see him through the harsh conditions that a kidnapping entails. The Church will definitely start to decay in the Western Empire and the Middle Kingdoms if nothing is done. Once we finish where we are (Alas, I cannot reveal our location, not even to you) I will sue for action on this subject with my companions.

I would ask that you put the Freedom Fighting on hold, just for three weeks, and find the trail to the Father – or at least a spot or two on the trail. I will personally recompense you from what I have on hand. I hope to be able to reward you 50 gold per diem while you are on the cause. I understand that this is a pittance, but if you meet up with us in the Empire, I will also give you a share of what we find. We need to find where it was along the trail that he disappeared, and an eye witnesses to who he was last seen with.

Also, has U’Selekma released anything publicly on the problem? I have heard from my companions that there are other Bishops missing. Bishop Tutu, and Bishop Nodeki have both been reported missing. This is an attack on the Church, but mostly an attack on voices of balance and tolerance. Without their voices, I fear that the church will fall apart from within.

The news at Springgate is momentous! The pyramid sounds beautiful. It is good to hear you speak of such things in a positive tone. You have come far, Nipps, and are no longer the snivelly grunt you were when we met. Of course, I have changed due to your influence as well. For better or worse. I look forward to visiting, though I will have to keep my profession secret. One of my travel companions is a wizard as well, but he is a Minotaur! One of those that followed the Old Ones – converted, and learning magic to boot. These are strange times, to be sure.

I hope this pigeon finds you in health and wealth.
Power to Osiris and Glory to Ra!

~Azariel Alea-iacta

>>Pigeon sent Ra 24th, in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, from Azariel, Apprentice Alchemist. Acolyte of Osiris and the Lady Luck <<
Picture from IIDXGirl

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