Death Waiting To Happen

Abandoned by the Gods


The things that we are called to bear sometimes is tough. I am sorry to say but First Mate Robert the Just has died. I am ever grateful that you were not on our current voyage. It is so hard to write this to you as you two had mended your differences. That day in the Blue Ribbon Club was so memorable; the drinking and laughing seems like yesterday. He will be sorely missed.

It is weird since I left you and your wife with the children only a few weeks ago that we went to the Sea of Despair. It should be called ‘Death waiting to happen’. Sorry I am attempting to lighten the mood as I am now in tears for out loss. I so desperately wanted us all to go home when this was over. I haven’t lost a friend since Bexx and that was over a year ago. I know that I have been hard on humans all my life but some find a soft spot in my little heart and bury themselves there.

At any rate, to tell the final fight of Robert tells of us all fighting for our lives against three Ice Dragon Hatchlings. I have grown to hate the tyrannical little beasts more and more. As you know the first one I encountered was in Dragon’s Roost and now here.

When we first met them I had the gall to be as brash as they were when they asked for our unconditional surrender. I retorted with a request, ok I boasted of our title as the regents for the Gods of Light. Perhaps I went a bit too far. Those three surrounded the ship and took us on.

All I could do is watch for the next couple of minutes as three Ice Dragons made a total fool of us all; killing two of us and getting away after losing one of their companions. In the discourse of combat I think I learned about how influence the gods want to play in this racing game for parts of the great god Osiris. The reason why I speak of heresy is that while we were being torn apart by the beasts I was frozen, well, paralyzed. I at that point was making some serious efforts to pray. We were in trouble and I called out with my thoughts (my lips would not move). At that time the gods would not grant a simple request of removing this spell that held me bound but asked me to use what little resource I had. I thought about it and the god was right. I needed to show them that I was grateful for their already generosity. I remembered the sword that talked (Callandor; a fantastic piece of work). Using our bond I talked to the sword, now it was real thinking and I am grateful to Thoth for taking time to encourage me to use my resources; but alas it didn’t work; still frozen. I was certain that I was going to be taken because I was talking to Callandor our pal Robert was taken by one of those winged lizards and then Karma was grabbed as well. We were in some real trouble. We were lucky that Karma was able to fly like the winged Pegasus (thanks to magic) and was heading back to us but she had her own wrestles with the winged lizards.

When it was all over, two of those jokers got away and two of our team were dead; Chip and Robert. I tell you Mini we were still caught unprepared again; dragons have had our butts since our beginning. We need something tougher, more powerful. Perhaps the gods will bless us more.


Written on the 19th of Ra, in the 68th year of the Wolfen Empire.

Picture from the awesome Ironshod.

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