Destiny Knocks

As soon as I said goodbye to my mother, time went from a standstill to a whirlwind as if making up for slowing down during my father’s death. We arrived on Lopan and I was ushered towards the great halls of the Hunter’s Guild. Here I was indoctrinated in all the teachings of the guild. I was squared away and was told I would be taking my father’s place in some sort of contest. I guess that would be fine, but it turns out it was a bit bigger than just some picnic game of horseshoes. It turns out that these are the Lopanic Games qualifiers. I probably shouldn’t have drank that much the night before. The event was quite fun. There was a lot of food while we waited for my event to start. These people have become my new family. Their lifestyle was so free. This guild is proving to be the family and escape I needed. As we ate and drank one of the leaders of a house near Llorn asked if I would like to visit their chapter of the guild. I gladly agreed and was soon summoned for my event. It was nice being from a guild that had a large area designated for it at the trials. As I left the tent and headed towards the track, I began to notice some contestants. I pitied them. They did not know what it was like to run for a living. I mean literally run for your life with a beast wanting to devour every last morsel of you.

The first two races were a joke. The next one was close. It was back and forth continuously. This other elf obviously has run a few times. We both fought each other with the most vicious glares ever. It was like a mighty battle on top of a volcano with swords made out of beams of light. Little did he know that I was the master and he was the student. I chopped off his legs and tossed him near the lava and left him to die in our mental battle. With that I won the race with a ten meter lead. I walked off a champion. However, I failed at several archery contests. I guess the fact that I was still seeing four targets was the reason for that. Oh elvish wine how I love thee. Let me count the ways…… I digress though. I did win the mid-range contest in archery. It seems that this event is named after the winner each year and it is now called the Ylren Contest. My guild awarded me with a fantastic bow. We sat and watched the rest of the games and then I headed to Llorn with my companions. I was there shortly when the guild was hired to hunt a Gumberoo. It was a great hunt. We skinned the beast, but I got a little distracted and messed it up. As we rested that night I was visited by Bennu. She said she has chosen me to help CrIsis on its quest. She also asked that I kill all servants of the dark that got in the way of my quest. These kills will be the sacrifices that are required by her. With that the world got bright and I was somewhere else.

Written on the 22nd of Od by Ylren

Picture from Chicktech

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