Double Crossed

Because the Agent Cares

Indaris, and the rest of your pitiful group-

It was good of you to send that doppleganger of yourself to us. While it is not yourself, or your fellow group members, it did succeed in giving us the two true names that we lacked- yourself and Tyvernos. Now it shall serve us, as you shall, or you will perish.

Speaking of perishing, your little angel Nara does not seem to know you as well as we had hoped. Seems we shall have to find someone closer to you. She does, however, have her…….uses.

Perished is the one named Oric Bellode. His head awaits you all in the spot my servant left. You have to return all of the pieces that you have in your possession- the Right Finger, Left Foot, Right Femur, and, if you acquire it, the Right Hand. You have exhausted my patience, as well as my lord Anubis. If you do not leave from Mishala and go directly to my home here in Çynopolis all those you care for will perish. I have given you many chances, and much time, but you have failed to obey- now is your last chance!

After that, it shall be out of my hands. The Great Bes and his servants shall be in charge of bringing you to justice, and he is not as forgiving as my lord Anubis. Surrender, or you shall find there are far worse fates than death!!

The Dark Will Triumph!
The Agent

Delivered Grekar 12th, 112.

Picture from Felicia Cano.

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