Dreams and Musings

Entry #32

Today was the 7th of Corg. We battled an Ice Demon of some kind. I tried to create fire to injure it but somehow created the flames on the fair Nimaya instead! I reeled in shock. Thankfully Grignak was quick to rush forward and pull her from the flames. I was mortified at my lack of control. I apologized but it was no matter. She will not look at me the same again. Partly this is what comes from having these powers of the mind. Once you use them on others they never look at you the same way again. But also part of me suspects this is a sign from Bast indicating her displasure. The way Grignak kept bringing it up only deepens my conviction of this. He even brought it up in his prayers!

Later in the day Xerx’ses received a letter from the Guild. In it he received an admonishment from Wesvon for his queries and theories about Mistress Charolyn‘s past. I was quite perterbed to learn he so openly shared what I told CrIsis in confidence. I am also surprised in a different way at the conclusions he came to regarding her. He dismissed my concerns as he usually dismisses such things. He does not understand the position this puts me and Cherkanan in. Or he does not care. Perhaps both.

Entry #33

Nimaya spent this whole day not talking to me. Grignak has seemed especially delighted by this – why else would he keep bringing it up so much? I hope someday I can laugh about it too. I hope that we all can laugh about it. Nimaya had Ursus scout with her in the lead. Today we made it to the edge of Outer Cadeth. They were geared to fight invaders from the sea. Nimaya led us around the city. She brought us to the legendary Stonelogger. He invited us into his secret home while soldiers canvased the area.

We told him we were there to see him because Elanu said we should seek him out. He understood. We talked and he shared his dinner with us. He began to tell us about the Iceborn but shut up once Xerx’ses and Grignak both bragged about not needing to know anything about them in order to kill them. I had to convince Stonelogger to continue. Never underestimate the value of intel. Like the old saying goes: “Know your enemy, know your limits, know victory.” He resumed telling us about the Iceborn. He started by telling us about their myth and how rare it used to be to even see one. Surviving an encounter with one was even rarer.

According to Stonelogger the Iceborn are very powerful individually and nigh-unstoppable as an army. They have no physical weaknesses he is aware of. They are not made of ice and are not vulnerable to fire. They are inteligent and delight in killing, torturing and eating other intelligent creatures. They can swim underwater as a fish. They can always smell their own kind. Their only weakness is that they typically fight each other ruthlessly. He suspects that it’s Terosh and the Rakshasa Fala that keep them from turning on each other.

Based on everything Stonelogger had seen and heard he suggested our best bet to reach Terosh would be by sea. Trying to reach him by land would end in our deaths due to the army of Iceborn swarming the land at his and Fala’s command. Then Stonelogger talked about the power of the undead sea serpent boats the Iceborn sail on the ocean. Their sea captains are expert sailors and are like one with their supernatural boats. The Iceborn also have witches who can fly. These witches command magic over the ocean and over death. It sounds as if we should do our best to avoid these monstrosities. We would also be wise to keep our eyes to the sky.

Stonelogger retrieved an old ring he received long ago from Elanu. This ring would allow its wearer and those around him to travel the span of 14 days in just 1 day. Powerful magic! He put it on Ursus’ finger and instructed him how to use it. A letter from Minischmee arrived today. He knows we are coming. Before retiring to bed Xerx’ses asked Heebo what became of the Elves on the Shield of Light he ordered Jershon to imprison. Heebo told him they teleported away with a scroll that Eyes somehow had. This news made Xerx’ses angry.

In the morning we will leave and use the ring to travel to Terosh. Hopefully we get to him before he expects us.

Entry #34

The Nameless Man and the others had an idea to use an underwater ship to reach Terosh. We walked some distance away from Stonelogger’s secret home. The Nameless Man send the following letter to Malkin.

To my good friend Malkin,

We have met with the giant Stonelogger as Elannu once suggested. He impressed upon us how deadly an overland assault on Terosh would be. It seems our best chance to reach his hideaway will be through the water. My friend you always ask that CrIsis ask more of you. Do you remember that underwater boat from some time ago? If it is working as intended then it would be quite helpful if you could find a way to get it to us.

Soon we will use a gift Stonelogger gave the Revenant to travel across the land. It is an old magic ring Elanu gifted to Stonelogger centuries ago. While we travel any messages to us must be sent through the Pontiff or they will miss us.

Take Care My Friend,

Once the pigeon flew out of sight Ursus said the magic words to activate the ring. “Time, o’ time, thou art a foul creature. You annoy me. Begone.” We quickly discovered we walked through the world as if we were ghosts. Nothing around us noticed or affected us. We made amazing time today. Today was the 9th of Corg.

Entry #35

We have traveled uneventfully for five days. I do not know if it is the 14th of Corg or the 5th 9th day of Corg we have experienced. The passage of time has seemed strange. Nimaya still does not talk to me. I have not tried to talk with her further. Today letters arrived from my friend Moli, and from Lictalon. Moli sounds like she is doing well. This is a weight off my mind. Malkin has also responded in a letter to The Nameless Man. He will meet us and bring the underwater ship! Nimaya altered our course of travel to bring us to the area where he would meet us.

Entry #36

Last night I had a dream about Moli. In this dream she talked with me. Lictalon is very impatient. This makes her worried for her safety in Renvin. He has pressured her to get us to visit as soon as possible. If true this puts me us in a very tough position. I have written her and will await her response before I discuss this with CrIsis. Maybe this is the one time my dreams are wrong. I am hopeful.

Entry #37

We have been in this limbo of time for 12 days now. If Stonelogger is right it will end in 2 more days. We continue to make excellent time. The Nameless Man received a letter from his former teacher. It worried everyone in CrIsis. He tore away a part of the letter before showing it. Once everyone has gone to bed I will talk with him.

Entry #38

The Nameless Man and I talked about many things. He has entrusted me with great secrets. I will keep them. I have already blocked them from my mind. I will remember them when necessary. “When in danger get behind me.” He said that to me at the end of our conversation. “Of course. How else can I have your back?” I said to him in response. I don’t know how I can help him through this tragedy. But I will do what I can.

Entry #39

The magic that speed us through our travels ended today. I think that makes it the 10th of Corg now? Grignak examined the ring and determined that was the last use of the power it posessed. We were near the place to meet Malkin. Nimaya took this opportunity to pledge herself to Xerx’ses. The Nameless Man ignored it and kept walking. I decided I did not want to be around that either. I followed The Nameless Man. Grignak came with us after briefly praying over Xerx’ses and Nimaya. Father Indaris was pulling out his canvas and paints when I lost sight of them through the trees. Later I saw the picture he painted of the scene. It was not flattering. It seems Nimaya is now one of Xerx’ses worshippers.

We found Malkin with a man named Tyrone on the river boat named Nicole. We greeted Malkin. He suggested I try to apologize to Nimaya again for the fire incident. I did not think it would help but I did when she arrived. She not only forgave me but tried to sleep with me again. I do not know if I just don’t understand Elven woman or worshippers of Bast.

While I could talk with Malkin I asked him about Elanu’s ring which was lost when Overkill died. Malkin said we could summon Elanu either by coming to see him when we needed to do it. The other was was by finding another ring. Malkin remembered that Elanu buried another ring on the Island at the Edge of the World. But we would need to find and talk with the other Wanderer in order to find the island. When we did so we would need to ask him about the island for he would never bring it up himself. Also never call him “Archie the Arch-Mage.”

Three other notable things happened today. Malkin sincerely thanked Xerx’ses for sending the two from Glade to him and refused to acknowledge his thanks afterwards. But we all saw it. Ursus tried to confront Malkin rudely about how Ansa was doing. Malkin responded by slapping Ursus. This seemed strange, as if it was the first time in a thousand years Malkin raised his hand to another. Third we are now traveling by river to the sea.

Entry #40

It is the 13th of Corg. Yesterday Nimaya caught enough fish to feed all of us for five days. Today Ursus ate four days worth of fish. I think this is the first time I have seen him so full.

Entry #41

Today is the 16th of Corg. We are finally close to the mouth of the ocean. But there are barbarians amassed on the banks of the river. They number in the hundreds. Are they here to fight us or to help us?

Note: These are excerpts from Silent Dream’s journal. They were written in Elven over a span of 24 days, from the 7th through the 16rd of Corg, in the seventy-second year of the Great Wolfen Empire.

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  • Here’s a note from the game that I just couldn’t find a way to put in this log, but I felt should still be captured somehow:

    15th of Corg

    Only notable event is a hail storm (not to be confused with a Halestorm) which Tyrone navigates just fine due to the awesomeness of his mustache, which may be the best in Palladium. Somewhere, The Walrus’ mustache twitches. He recognizes and acknowledges the appearance of a worthy challenger.

    • The mustache off is on it seems. It’s amazing seeing how hurt Dream feels from Xerx’ses. Perhaps his intelligence was not a permanent elevation. Should be interesting to see his reactions to the news.

  • Love the insight and openness.
    Enjoying the connection between Dream and No Name, and nice job inserting the Malkin letter.

  • In the early morning, as the mists swirl around, and trees fade in and out of sight, the forest goes silent as the Reigning Mustachio stands

    • The parting of the mist reveals the devastation caused by this ‘Clash of the Stash’ extends for miles around. Countless lives were claimed in the battle. The victor stands proudly, the severed mustache of the fallen gripped tightly in his hands. The loser lay on the ground; defeated, disgraced. With his other hand the winner reaches down and grasps the fallen man’s hand. He pulls him to his feet. “But why?” the loser asks? “I’ve made my point,” the winner states. “The world needs you. It needs your ‘stash.” With that the losers stash is handed back to him. “Wear it proudly once again.”

  • “…I think this is the first time I have seen him so full.” Well, at least for a few minutes anyway.

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