Etrinan Forever

We Shall Overcome

To my brother Xerx’ses-

I have talked with Mergerij, and it has been decided- myself and my group will return to our home. We hope to grow our tribe once more, and learn from our mistakes. We will be open to the good, the Light, and closed to the Dark! Luur’na, who joined my group, has helped me with this concept, one she learned the hard way from both Groun’na and Zii’clymnt. That is a story best told by her.

Mergerij and his group will attempt to recover our Father, but I fear the worst. If he fails he hopes to find passage from Troker to the temple city of Sekti-Abtu to gain wisdom from the Priests of Light. Please know that you can contact myself or Luurn’na in the future, and we will let you know of further developments if you let us know where to send the notices.

Be careful, my brother! The Gods of Dark have struck their war call with this action, but you must keep your head! I just hope that you have not left our home yet, and this reaches you.

Sent by Zeelik Stonemace to Xerx’ses on the 25th of Thoth.
Picture by Laura Buller

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